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shasta_475x115_patreon the patreon page is live, time to see how much support there is for shasta showing off her butt [and other non-butt related things] I’ll keep a tally here in case anybody is interested, current support is 27 at 201 … whoo.. nice, we are back above the 200 mark.. more pages this month!

DOWNLOAD: previous chapters are available here as a zip or here as a CBR .

UPDATE 6/06: Got a shasta pic from FrostByte that is suitably impressive, it should be looked at.

UPDATE 1/11: finally a big ol’ update to finish this chapter, am going to take a little break from shasta to work thru a few comics i owe people, first up will be a gator girl story, gettin busy doing her thing.

UPDATE 2/1: a new chapter.. big question **WHO IS AT THE DOOR??!!!** .. anyone whos still reading this and has a listing on the ‘tour’ page goes to the top of the list. I wouldn’t wanna pick someone whos isn’t around to see the deed go down…

UPDATE 2/14: page 7 of 8 for February … ok that butt might take a little more working up to, not gonna rush it unduly.

UPDATE 2/16: page 8 of 10[!] for February, more pages!

UPDATE 2/21: page 9 of 10[!] for February, samantha will fit.. somehow….