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shasta_475x115_patreon the patreon page is live, time to see how much support there is for shasta showing off her butt [and other non-butt related things] I’ll keep a tally here in case anybody is interested, current support is 26 at 173 … thaaa—ts better!

DOWNLOAD: previous chapters are available here as a zip or here as a CBR .

UPDATE 6/06: Got a shasta pic from FrostByte that is suitably impressive, it should be looked at.

UPDATE 7/31: Shasta returns! Soooo I’m going to see if i can implement a direct relationship between Patreon fundage and number of pages posted. For shasta figuring 20 a page that would be about eight pages [??] a month.. that seems kinda low but i do have a bunch of vore commission work lined up which won’t be counted.

UPDATE 8/14: …nother page! luckily there are two minks available one for each orifice….

UPDATE 8/25: ..five more shasta pages to go this month, can i do it???! and no, don’t answer that, reading your response and perhaps responding will take up valuable drawing time.

UPDATE 8/31: four more to go, September doesn’t start till i say it does!