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shasta_475x115_patreon the patreon page is live, time to see how much support there is for shasta showing off her butt [and other non-butt related things] I’ll keep a tally here in case anybody is interested, current support is 27 at 201 … whoo.. nice, we are back above the 200 mark.. more pages this month!

DOWNLOAD: previous chapters are available here as a zip or here as a CBR .

UPDATE 6/06: Got a shasta pic from FrostByte that is suitably impressive, it should be looked at.

UPDATE 1/11: finally a big ol’ update to finish this chapter, am going to take a little break from shasta to work thru a few comics i owe people, first up will be a gator girl story, gettin busy doing her thing.

UPDATE 2/1: a new chapter.. big question **WHO IS AT THE DOOR??!!!** .. anyone whos still reading this and has a listing on the ‘tour’ page goes to the top of the list. I wouldn’t wanna pick someone whos isn’t around to see the deed go down…

UPDATE 2/14: page 7 of 8 for February … ok that butt might take a little more working up to, not gonna rush it unduly.

UPDATE 2/16: page 8 of 10[!] for February, more pages!

UPDATE 2/21: page 9 of 10[!] for February, samantha will fit.. somehow….

Launch date set for January 12th 2015!

Shasta needs booze! yes she does. She will be appearing here live [in daily comic form] to answer questions from fans and show off her butt.

This will be a Patreon project so will be operating within their standards on adult content. ‘Yes’ to lots of furs squirming in tummies, yes to nudity and light teasing, no to hardcore sex and graphic bodily functions. That’s not to say Shasta wont continue to have bodily functions, just not on or linked off of this site.
If you think you might be on board with this feel free to leave a note below. Will need a minimum of 20 backers at 10 a month.. or 200 at 1 to make a go of it.

Update:I wont be making the patreon page ‘live’ till the 12th when i’m ready to start posting arts. will be purely a ‘support’ thing, not gonna mess with rewards or posting stuff anyplace else but this page.

Update:So what i’m going to be going for here is a ‘live performance’ audience participation thing. Shasta [and friends] will be doing a ‘show’ in front of the camera with awareness of the viewers, all that fun stuff with some overall story and narrative thrown in. I’m going to be keeping the art style on the loose and easy side so i can update daily, or semi-daily depending on the response. Am setting the minimum requirements on the super low side for this to prevent any ‘oh noes, not enough, plz support!’ sort of thing, nobody likes to see that.