Eat or be Eaten: sign up today!


INFO: Shasta’s Predation tour needs volunteers! Leave your name, preference for who you’d like to be consumed by, any extra details that come to mind [might be some sex stuff involved] description or links to info/pics on other sites. No guarantees are made for your characters safety or proper handling, no regurgitations will be given!

NOTE: selections are made on an [almost] completely random basis so don’t worry about being at the bottom or top of the list.


111 thoughts on “Eat or be Eaten: sign up today!

  1. I’d like to have my character Rolf ( and for pictures and extra details) playing the role of a side-man on anal salvage duty to one of the preds after they’ve digested a few participants. Yes, things will go out of hand. Yes, there will be goggles. Feel free to throw in whatever you’d like on this, or go your own way with him entirely. I’ll be thrilled to see it come about in any manner!

  2. Melissa Atlasia!

    Preferences: Anal vore, with Shasta, though Gator girl works too! Has a particular love for post vore scat. <3<3<3

    Melissa’s description: Melissa is a small blue bunny, thin of frame and slightly embarrassingly flat of chest. The young bun proudly displays her status as a mad scientist by brazenly wearing a lab coat at almost all times. Her head hair forms something of a Mohawk. Here eyes are a vibrant green, which match her unusually long tongue. (Tongue can reach about 15 feet and lets her eat things like a frog.)

    Personality wise, Melissa is an arrogant brat. She is as rich in hubris as she is in catastrophically failed experiments. Her inventions are often made with an ultra-modern aesthetic. Other images of her can be found here:

    And the second part to the pic in my last post:

  3. I don’t really have any good references, but I wouldn’t mind being a snack to Shasta. Or Gator girl. Meddwynn is only snack sized, after all. Gummy bear sized, so about an inch.
    Of course, since he’s just a fantasy version of myself, I mostly prefer POV experiences; allowing me to visually experience being someone’s food.
    If chosen, I’d prefer to be swallowed alive & whole after ample time in the mouth, toyed with, licked, etc. And completely digested alive once in the stomach.
    Meddwynn is a human male, Caucasian, clean shaven head & face. Unwilling prey, but with a very strong oral fixation, so he’d be up for the mouth play, and love seeing all the oral anatomy, feeling the tongue and lips, but once the pred starts to swallow, he’d be trying to avoid the inevitable.
    Groping at the tonsils, back of tongue, or grasping at the uvula; that sort of thing. He’s also quite flirty, so be it Shasta or Gator Girl, he’d be complimenting their looks, their voice, any compliment he could pay, really.

  4. This is a wonderful opportunity ^_^

    I would love to be eaten up by Shasta, but if i need to be gator chow, I am okay with that too~

    I would prefer to be swallowed head first, and my foxie is very shy and subby. I would love to see the pred who eats him to tease and take advantage of his subby nature. I am perfectly okay with post vore scat and such. Basically just have fun playing and teasing my foxie before he is gobbled up, I give you the freedom to realy do whatever you want with him ^_^ j-just no hard vore and no ripping and tearing him up please

    It’s and old reference but it will have to do:

  5. I don’t have a character or anything as I kinda suck at the 2D arts but I know I would not mind being analy vored by Cirilyn. Provided there was plenty of scat n dirty talk. Number one preference would be to be used as a personal toilet before ending up in the toilet. ^.^ thanks for the consideration.!/photo.php?fbid=598312126901704&id=100001687650309&set=a.151828354883419.36838.100001687650309&source=43

  6. Might as well toss this one in here~

    You’re already familiar with him, what with the commission you’ve done for me, but I’ll toss Murdock as “up for grabs” for Shasta.

    Murdock’s energetic and eager, a happy, bubbly little nympho. Not quite dense or bimbo-ish, but definitely a little too curious for his own good. He’s turned on by all these vorish antics, though a little flustered at the fact that he is. He’ll admit that he’s mostly attracted to guys, but doesn’t object to a frisky female (Especially one as fun as Shasta!)

    When it comes to the kink stuff, again he prefers fellas, but is very firmly bi. Oral vore’s my favorite way to see him go, but other methods can be employed as well. I’d lean towards him taking a trip through Shasta one way or another, but if you can find someone you think would better suit some moogle filling, be my guest. :> Have fun with him, if you use him!

  7. Ooo Ooo…me, I wanna dinner date with Shasta! Er, more specifically, my female persona does. ♥

    Character’s Name: Frosty
    Preferred Predator: Shasta
    Consumption Type: Oral Vore
    Extra Details: Pretty much anything that leaves Shasta with a painfully stretched stomach and one whopper of a bellyache. Maybe, an internet “surprise” date gone wrong? You know how it goes…give someone a bit too much information and POOF…one day they just show up on your doorstep. Or, in this case, you come home to find that she’s eaten everyone in your household. (Much to Frosty’s chagrin) Seriously, you flirted with a pred online, this has GOT to be what you wanted…right? At least that’s the impression the pred might get. Although, anything with Shasta would be great. Also, scat is mucho welcome.

    Reference Pics:

  8. As long as we’re offering… How about Bijou? :3 She’s a kitty who’s eager to please, and has a tendancy to get crammed in bellies…

    Character: Bijou
    Preferred predator: Shasta
    Consumption: Oral, Unbirth
    Details: She would most likely help Shasta eat someone, to get more time with Shasta to herself, which can lead to a variety of options for her pleasing and/or being eaten by Shasta.


  9. I’m happy to toss up Jahan for Shasta, Gator Girl, or… anyone else, I s’pose!

    Character’s Name: Jahan

    Reference of him somewhere dark and sticky:

    Preferred Pred: Shasta, Gator Girl, pretty much any female predator (Though ANY pred would be fine! Whatever fits the story or takes your fancy, if you choose to use him.)
    Preferred Consumption method: Unbirth (with melting?) or Oral vore. (AV is also fine and fun though-whatever piques your interest!) Any ‘aftermath’ or post vore scat/puddles/etc is perfectly fine and rather enjoyed!

    Description/personality: A *very* lanky feline (6′, but only about 130 lbs), kinda gangly. Fairly curious (he’s a cat, and a graduate student, after all). Fashion sense (if its at all important) is kinda stuck in the late 90’s: He’s a huge fan of unbuttoned overshirts. It’s like he has a mini cape!

    Jahan’s generally pretty friendly and talkative (and, if you ask a question about science or his research, *will* talk your ear off), and, well, a giant nerd. At some point he became an extrovert and he’s still not quite sure how or when that happened–he just realized he was willing to strike up conversations with strangers. He’s a bit scatterbrained an easily distracted, too, his mind switching tracks and conversation topics easily-especially when he gets really excited. He’s aware of this, though, and how it can be irritating, so he tries to keep it in check. Generally tries to be friendly with most people he meets, and tends to be legitimately fascinated/interested in most people’s jobs–he’ sincere in his belief that pretty much every job out there is important in one way or another.

    He starts to fumble and gets *really* stammery and blushy when anything carnal or kinky comes up-it’s easy to fluster him in that regard. He’s not *averse* to such things, mind! Sex stuff is fine, leaning more towards girls. With regard to kinky/sex stuff, I’m pretty open on what happens to him. Such as evil things with tails or toys stuffed spots to make him squeal, face sitting, whatever (though he might protest a tiny bit, depending!). ‘Nothing’ is also fine, too, if sexy stuff doesn’t fit the story at the time!

    With regards to vore, he’s a voreaphile at heart (and pretty damn preyish to boot), but he won’t necessarily just jump down someone’s gullet–there would likely be light protests, despite the fact that he’d get quite turned on quite quickly. And with a bit of seducing (or just plain vorish *teasing* about how nice a bulge he’ll make, pinning him against a gut glorping someone else, etc) he can probably be brought into nervous submission.

    … I apologize if this went a wee bit heavy on the details, I wasn’t sure how much you wanted and may have gotten a bit carried away.

    I’m also happy to toss up my mouse girl Lillan, but I figured this post was long enough for now!

  10. Would love to see my little over the top mouse boy take some action here. Static is a self proclaimed celebrity online due to his daring encounters with predators where he teases them but ultimately deny them there meal by being smarter or faster than them. The pink haired little rodent is full of himself and always talking in third person, taking selfies or just teasing a pred. Always mentioning his reputation of never being caught and never will be! Though I’d like to see Sasha or gatorgirl be his undoing with a single capture and gulp…shouldn’t be to hard as he is only 3 to 4 feet. Oh but he would be a struggler! Very confident and full of himself until he was caught or on the loosing end, then he’d beg and struggle!


    Thanks for the chance this means so much!

  11. Name: janice
    Discription: she’s s foxy girl, little older than Shasta, has long curly brown hair and super curvey body. Her butt is bigger than a horse girl. And has nice boobs on her breast.
    Action: She wanna compete with Shasta, how much poop could store in each other ‘s belly. And I hope finally Janice be eaten by Shasta and become a massive poop!

  12. HERE WE GO… i would like my character Dee the black panther to be shasta’s personal permanent toilet. See Dee is a big muscular black panther with a big dick. . and Dee likes sucking on female pred assholes. He ONLY eats meals from FEMALE preds asses that consumed massive amounts, he eat everything that comes out, so he kinda submissive pred/prey that preys on female preds assholes. Normally Dee would be in predator mode stalking a female Pred in the shadows that has jus ate a whole lot. Dee waits for that female pred to begin pooping then jumps out of nowhere dives underneath the female and wraps his maw around the females ass and starts sucking everything that her ass has to offer. The trick is that Dee’s Dick is so big, its in the females face and hypnotizing her and she has no choice but to start sucking on his massive cock. The female pred distracted by giant dick goes with the flow pooping and filling Dee up with chocolate goodness from her ass. then the female pred orgasms, That’s Dee’s Q to run for it. So Dee orgasms and Squirts a super cumm load in the female preds face to blind her so her can get away with his life, Remember she is a pred and is now ready to eat again. Shasta does not need a toilet when shes got Dee . When Shasta is done eating all those who wrote in that want to be eaten and is ready to poop that super large load, let Dee wrap his lips around Shasta’s asshole and start sucking while Shasta’s is pushing. Or Dee can open his mouth wide like toilet rim and shasta can can sit on him comfortably let loose.
    Please use my character Dee The black panther, along with the rest it would be an awesome twist

  13. Oh wow I would love to be swallowed down into Shasta’s belly! That would just make my day!

    Name: Nolly
    Species: Leopard Shark
    Gender: Hermaphrodite

    Nolly is a somewhat slutty punk rock shark with black and pink hair. She can be portrayed dressed in anything you want pretty much, or nothing at all. She’s not that picky. She’s a hermaphrodite, and staying true to shark biology, has two dicks. I’m really not picky about how you draw her, I’d just love to see her get gobbled up.

    I hope her Second Life avatar will work for character reference because I suck at art.

    Even if you don’t choose to use her thank you for your consideration.

  14. I’d love for Sar’ras to meet an untimely end as food and eventually left in a toilet, and she’s a bit of a nymph once you start suggesting eating her.

    Eka’s Chat Profile:

    Text master references:
    Vore Arc:

    All art to date featuring her by the reference sheets:
    Free Request:
    Breakfast in Bed:
    Yummy Noms:
    Yummy Noms 2:

    That dress can be a whore. Making it much simpler is okay and making her completely naked or dressing her according to scene is okay. She is a goddess, but she wants to be eaten; unless given reason she generally won’t resist though she may play around a bit.

    In other words, “I love you MB, here’s a blank check on my character!”

  15. Character: Howel Powers (full name)

    Pred Preferences: So I’m not sure if Monkey Girl (or possibly Cirilyn if not Monkey Girl) is up on the table, but Howel is a big computer nerd and gamer I would think it would be sweet if someone like her ate him. That being said, if Monkey Girl (or Cirilyn) isn’t a pred, I don’t want you to feel like you have to change up the story for my character, because Shasta would just as easily fill this spot as well 😉

    Other Preferences: Oral Vore. And other than the obvious post-vore poops that would happen at the end of his journey- I’m really big into farts/gas. So I’d hope upon getting digested his pred will get pretty upset at how much gas his body is producing for the poor pred (think lactose intolerant or IBM) I also don’t mind any sexual actions/abuse before hand b/c he is kind of a horn dog 😛 I’m also big into teasing what the prey will inevitably become once digested <3

  16. Valten

    Preferences: Anal vore followed by oral vore, sex, massive burps, and farts are all major pluses! LOVE post-vore scat! Prefer to be eaten by Shasta. ^.^

    Valten’s description: Valten is a very muscular were-wolf who’s very confident in himself to the point of minor arrogance. Only wears clothes when he has too and usually wears casual business attire.

    Personality: A little arrogant due to his size and the fact that mother nature has never permanently left him as fertilizer due to stomach acid not having silver coating. No worries, after he is digested he might stay shit for centuries and he eventually pops up somewhere a distance away from where it happened. He is used to being on top vore wise but gets enjoyment from being overpowered since it happens so rarely.

    Here is reference for the big guy:

  17. Oh god…. I have an entire LIST of prey characters I can throw at you, but I don’t have references for all of them. :/

  18. Yo i might as well sign up for this, but are you only accepting prey characters? Just a little confused cause of the whole eat OR be eaten thing.

    But anyway here’s me, Whitt, i have a lotta refs and i’m struggling to narrow it down to a few lmao :
    (thats not really just a few, sorry!)
    Whitt is female btw, a trans gal.
    She’s a kinda chubby, kinda doofy/dorky, really naive pup with some weird blue spikes going on. Is digitigrade and with a dog dingle. Easily convinced into things, also easily scared and quick to cry. Tends to die a lot.

    Also here are some refs to Monsterwhitt, the pred version, just in case???

    Sorry for so many links! If you’d like me to narrow it down further to be more specific i can do so!

    For preferences, i love that gator gal, hell yes. Others are fine too though! I like oral vore and not really a fan of disposal ( I hope that isn’t too much of a problem?) Peril and fear in vore is a huuuuge thing for me. Love digestion (graphic or otherwise) too! Tight throats are super cool and even cooler if they break bones. generally, Just Fuck Me Up.

  19. Shasta, micro preding some huge herm horse girls, curvy horse, girls or trying devour a huge giant hippo girl, who proves be more than mouth ful.

    That or my dark fairy girl maple, micro preding some some rather big curvy busty girls, big hung over guys, or rather big curvy futa girls, after have some hot sex with her,who be giant size to her, sucking and shlumping and compressing down her mouth so she get big curvy as result that or pooping out rather big turd hahahaha.

    Here she is right here.

  20. Sicha Tanner, my skunk girl, would love to meet up with Shasta. She’s more than a bit of a pred herself, and she has a penchant for spraying people before having sex or eating them. Would love for her to meet Shasta and team up with her in predding others, though she could just as easily fall victim to Shasta. Preferred are anal vore, tail vore, and oral vore.

    Desc: , ,

  21. No idea if it’s too late to volunteer my character Talrion =)

    Description & Personality:
    Tal’s a blue drake, no wings just big ears, horns and sometimes a big tum when he’s been well fed himself. He’s pretty easy going and nice to be around. However he got no quarrels with gulping down someone casually, if a bit secluded, when he’s getting hungry. Usually he sees himself as pretty high on the food chain, high enough to not really worry about it or anyone even slightly smaller than him, but from up high there’s a long fall~
    While he likes partying he’s more one to prefer calmer and smaller groups.

    References: (Missing the tail band)

    Specie: Mana Drake.
    Preferred pred: Shasta, or another female pred if it befits the story more.

    Vore type: Oral vore.
    Sexual: Straight, weak for heavier/fatter/stuffed characters.
    Disposal: No limits, the more the better.
    Drink of choice: Rum and coke

    Other: Like being a bit of an unforeseen hassle for any would-be predators, either through them overeating or how he affects their ‘system’. Not a must.

  22. Hope I’m not too late to the party!
    Im sure my set of twins, Judith and Cornelius Yun, would love to join the world tour! now, they are an incestuous pair, if you want to play that up, and they do take other partners if that is the situation they’re in. Both are fully capable of oral, anal, genital vore, and being eaten 😉

  23. Hell, why not. I’ve got a character you might like in there.

    Species: Husky
    Preferred pred: Any

    Vore type: Any
    Sexual: Any, he’s bisexual with a strong thing for herms and shemales.
    Disposal: No limits.
    Extra details: He’s often shy, but very wriggly if forced into a vore situation. He often tries his damnest to escape such things, not that it often helps! Though with enough coercion, he might just give up. A shemale or herm has the easiest time convincing him to just give up after a good pounding. He doesn’t like alcohol, and he’s quite a god pole dancer. That seems to be the jist of it!

  24. Think I threw this out there, but damn, I’d love to see this!

    Refs: ;

    Description and Personality: Crazy, chipper, but always eager to please – to the point where he’ll be easily susceptible to be told what to do – even if it means he’s gonna end up down the crapper!
    Sexuality: Straight
    Disposal: Absolutely no limits; let er’ rip! (Bonus points: Sergal skulls are hard, and usually survive their travels through guts!

    Please, inform me if I get picked. :s Gonna share this with the world.
    Extra: Foot-Long tongue! 😀

  25. Shasta might like to going cannibal on a fellow feline?

    Ref :

    Armand is a silly guy with a huge fetish for booties. If Shasta or Gator gal would shake it up for him he’d fall for it. And he’s also stubborn once he get aroused, so nothing would deter him from rubbing his tongue on those ladies’s pooper… even if it’s from inside them.
    And even if he see Shasta or Gator Girl freeing a previous meal right in front of him.
    Which doean’t mean he would go in the butt, the jaws way is fine.
    Feline bones are soft and light, so nothing but teeth, claws and glasses would survive a trip down those hungry bowels.

  26. I have posted on back on the case blog mama bliss please see that profile for details and the newest blog post I have a straight male lion hybrid character as a predator kind nice only votes herbivore lades that are willing to be eaten likes cervines pork ladies ect details are on those blogs. ps also use that wolf character on the old forum their was a fan story about a straight black fired dire-wolf binge eating pig girls and rat girls with shastah its deleted now but i hope you remember it and ad that fans wolf character as well we need to se some predators

  27. This looks like a lovely opportunity, im up for most soft vores though a idea i’d love to see is perhaps Gator Girl and Shasta usin my roo as a double ended dildo, each trying to claim hir for their own, the winner getting to tuck the roo all the way in only to digest hir down completely into cum. I’d like to avoid any hard vore stuff if possible though ^..^;; Refs are below, thanks much for this oppourtunity~

    Main ref:
    Updated malebits ref:

  28. oh how about bittersweet sexing and eating some seals and penguin girls or that goldfish lady you drew mama bliss and that hyena phalange eating some savahnna dudes like gazelle plains zebras (the small ones not that big grevey shastah sexed and ate) warthogs and meerkats and with good old f/m furry sex beforehand with lots of pages

  29. main pred shast, main prey some rather large big chubby hippo girl, and pig girl who prove be more than mouth full for shasta after she has some foreplay with them, possibly one being a futa, amongst pile of food and such, shasta regrets eating both. in end getting huge tummy in end results in one biggest dumps she ever had take.

  30. one of prismara’s t-rex lizard guy eating some monkey girls and pig girls or one of her naga’s eating some rat and mice girls male or female naga surprise me. Prismara is on furrafinnity

    • Scratch that last set of references. I’ve upgraded since then. ^^ I’m not just a gazelle now, I’m a DRAGON gazelle. Which of course is an improvement. Loves being a drazelle! *prances*

      Anyways, here’s my updated reference, and I’m not picky about how I get eaten, so long as it’s by Shasta or G.G. And no hard vore. o.o Dun like the ouchies.

      (The fluff on the tail is just on the tail, it trails off in the small of hir back. It’s not a mane like an eastern dragon. ^^;;; )

      Anyways, I’m looking forward to see what you decide to do. ^^ Always a pleasure, Miss Bliss.

  31. -When I said could be macro or micro, I meant I can be micro or regular sized, 6 feet tall, or anywhere in between.-

  32. Hey Mama! Felix or Gina or both would be up for a trip down Shasta’s gullet for sure! Sex isn’t mandatory, but you know how the minks love it.

  33. please consider my lion character theo the friendly straight lion/snow leopard or cheetah hybrid predator not enough press added to this party!!

  34. Well, hell, why not!

    Short and simple – my personal character Losian, reference: – strong bottom/sub leaning, also snuff of all sorts is fine too.

    Preference – any kind of vore/digestion, preference against detailed postvore scat, but everything else, including other postvore (being jizzed out, bones coughed/jizzed up, etc.) is great – alternate vore, unbirthing, whatever.. it’s all awesome~ No preference on character or situation or much of anything else.. Can’t be picky when it’s potentially free!

  35. kazul the dragon giving the goods to elaine the clydesdale furry jibes character having fun and voring her afterwards see his furrafinnity account the is a pic called horse in use the dragon could substitute instead

  36. Can my boy Elliot be eaten?
    He’s an obese cat, pierced ears with close cropped hair? He has grey fur with rough black stripes.
    Sex is good, though he may be unwilling prey

  37. theo would be a predator and only a predator ale hell no to being a cannibalism do not have shastah eating cats plus she likes kitty so i don’t think she would do that she’s evil enough as is

  38. Ooh, I so want to try my chances at this. Here’s Miles:

    Miles is a willing prey for sure, he won’t throw himself at them to be eaten, but he’ll definitely be enthusiastic about being sent into a pred. He can reform himself, so he’s not real scared. Miles can be eaten by Shasta or Gator Girl, but ask about others, I have no idea who the rest are! ^^

    Miles can be vored orally, anally, or through unbirth (his favorite). If unbirthed, he’ll be regressed into a fetus to be born in nine months.

    No disposal, please, I don’t like scat or anything like that. ^^

    I’m so into sex, Miles is very submissive. For a few kinks, non-fatal smothering is fun, on mostly any body part (breasts, belly, crotch, and ass), he enjoys facesitting. He’s also really into fatties and big bellies. Breastfeeding is fun (it gives a real connection between the two characters), and groping is nice. Miles bottoms, as well. He’s very prone to groping at his partner’s chest, ass, or belly.

    When Miles is eaten, he’ll try and make it as enjoyable for the pred as possible, asking them if they’d like him to squirm or do anything to make the experience more enjoyable.

    I hope you pick him, I love your stuff~!

  39. Are sign ups still available? A bit nervous about offering this, but I’m a bit of a fan of both Shasta and your Gator Girl. I’m not really picky on which one gets me. The prospect of meeting them, or even better, getting to have sex with one of them is very intriguing. I don’t mind any kind of sexual activity with either one, although I’d ask no rimming or bathroom play. Well, at least not before dinner.

    There’s no reforming for me, so even if I’m volunteering to meet them, I’d probably be real nervous if I end up on a menu. There’d probably be squirming, and I might try to back out of the deal. At the end of the day, though, I don’t imagine I’m much of a match for either predator. Once they get their hands on me there’s only one place I’m going and that’s through someone’s digestive system.

    There’s a picture of me here, but those aren’t the clothes I wear anymore. I usually have a blue labcoat, a black t-shirt, a blue and grey skirt, and black tights. If I have to appear naked, I can, but I’ve been told clothes can be used for roughage, or for cleaning up after the fact.

  40. I should’ve volunteered for this earlier – Here’s a quick reference to my character
    Here’s a reference to my F-list,

    I don’t really care what you do with me, as long as it’s not hard vore – but alternative, weird vore is my favorite.

    As far as personality details to, he wants it – but he doesn’t want the pred to know that he wants it, so he’ll fidget and wiggle, but never put up a *real* fight.

    As far as vore details go, he tends to be fattening, and has a bad habit of bestowing all of his powers on whoever digests him.

    I can’t wait to see if you decide to toss me into this |3 I’m a big fan~!

  41. Wow, oh gosh, I’m a massive fan!
    My fursona Kureno is a fluffy somali cat, and I would adore the chance to be thrown into Shasta’s stomach.

    He loves to bake exquisite desserts, and is quite the femmy guy. He works at a vore-friendly restaurant.
    He would probably bring a big batch of cakes for the lovely ladies, or eat a loved one (family, friend etc.) to be a stuffed snack, if Shasta asked.

    Feel free to abuse him as much as you’d like, in any way shape or form, if you so choose.

    And please keep up the spectacular work~!

  42. If the chance is still there one must seize the opportunity!~ Especially with an infamous booty like Shasta.

    Have a few characters to throw in their dicks for these spots, might be you see some that tickle your fancy. All can be sexually lewd and perverse in their own right given the nature of the situation. Very circumstance based with lewd and vore tendencies heavily emphasized.

    Bit of a background/kinks/ideas:

  43. I like to se my predator character theo the lion/cheetah hybrid he’d be yellow and black hair/mane with a few black spots about 8-ft 10 inches tall too 9 ft has a 6&1/2 pack muscular build likes to eat/sex up herbivore girls and only herbivore ladies nice only eats willing prey loves cervines equines and poultry of any kind

  44. This feline can be either predator or prey, usually more sided towards prey and is a very big attention whore…little slutmew and such~ He’s shy, eager and playful and aims to please but get him in the right mood and he’ll dominate any prey with his teasings…

    Prefs are more located here

    And on a full moon…due to being bitten by someone infected with were-ism, he gets big fluffy and dangerous~

    Oh…and his flesh inside and out glows a vibrant blue~

    Oh….and lastly, this little kitten would love to be devoured by shasta of course~

    Any pred will do but he’s got a lil crush on the pred~ >////u////<

  45. Def love to see my character bowolf get eatin by your gator gal! Extremely unwilling and hates stomach acid he will give ur gator girl a run for her money will send refs soon but he likes to put up a fight especially when he’s covered in slime and stomach acid:p also makes amazing bulges for how big he is will fill out your gator girls belly nicely;)

    • PS: hey mama i forgot to mention I have 2 other characters so here you go. Also I am changing the eaten preference on the list above. I hope this reaches you

      gator (can be pred or prey) her personality is bit of a tomboy

      (prey only)

      now…for the frog if you don’t like a greninja frog, we can change it into a normal frog instead
      this is my other frog (can be prey or pred)

      and here is the basis for the preference
      for the gator, frog, or greninja pokemon frog
      perhaps she eats someone? and then she is sexed with and then she is eaten by someone else…..can be shasta, can be your gator, or…maybe the one she has sex with really,

      for the snake, or the elite gal,
      perhaps they have sex with someone preferably a male, so they got cum inflated till they look reallly pregnant, and then eaten

      also for all these characters, if you wanna make them say…shitted out? that’s fine by me. I never tried it before (scat that is) and it might be interesting, as long maybe….they have their skull shit out intact? XD visible in the poo pile

      • PSS: oh one more thing….I don’t own this male character that i have in mind….but if you need to pair any of my characters with a male and you don’t have one available…just let me know and I can show you who they are

        anyways thanks so much

    • oh curious….one more thing….when I become a bulge in someone it ok if my bulge is detailed? ya know like the head and arm and leg of the prey showing on the belly? just that. thank you

  46. I will serve up Jack the donkey for consideration.

    Jack is a tall, chubby donkey guy that’s got a serious boner for vore but would rather watch or assist than get eaten (he loves seeing girlies get eaten) though that would not save him in the least. He might have to be restrained and dominated first, after being tricked/gullied into thinking he’s got a free pass; crossdressing/emasculation/etc. possibly; once subdued sent right down to some nasty hardcore digestion, unless the pred prefers cooked meats (maybe some donkey on a stick would do).
    Definitely prefer your gator gal for a pred < 3

  47. Would love to see Shasta abuse Edgar the Mouse. He’s a shy, quiet pushover who’s easily abused by those around him. Many of his larger “friends” like to use him as a living buttplug, wedging him neck deep in their butts and leaving him there to wiggle. Of course, since he’s so small he would be perfect for newcomers to give anal vore a try (say for a curious monkey tech person?) Seeing as he’d have an air supply, even in a tight pair of jeans, he’d be able to wiggle for hours, making a long day at work that much more.

    Sorry, no references.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  48. Not sure if this is still open, but I would love to see Ilasiak in this comic.


    I would absolutely adore to see Shasta tease the vixen, toying with her impending fate before breaking her into a gutslut for Shasta. Finally, she would beg to be gulped down, either by anal or oral vore. She’s a little bit shy, but a bit of encouragement could easily turn her into quite the slut for her to eat. Perhaps letting her feel up some other meal’s gurgling form could really persuade her~

  49. Oh! Well I might as well submit my info, if you’re still looking for new participants!

    I’d like to submit my ferram (ferret + ram hybrid) character, Kolby. Given that he’s such a unique and odd hybrid, I’m sure someone on the Shasta-crew would be more than curious to feel how he is going down. He’s not limited to any real type of vore (he’d even be up for hard vore given the situation), but, normal-kink-wise, he’s big on oral play, so I’d see him really wanting to rim/eat out someone and eventually be anal vored or unbirthed. However, because of his horns, I can definitely see someone using them to pull him in to eat her out (and stuff him down). And as an added bonus, because of the ferret half of him, he’s also pretty squirmy/wiggly, making him the perfect toy.

    (also had a side idea that someone else may want to stuff in his legs into themselves and make him a fun double sided vore toy/tug of war. Either way, you’re more than welcome to do whatever with him. I’m just gracious for the offer)


  50. Isabella, a mature and very muscular brown mare with a very large and wide hips. Would love to find herself being eaten and digested in Shasta’s gut. Isabella is a very sultry prey that uses her striking muscular 6″ 7′ frame to tease her pred before being devoured, she understands how to get all of a ladies appetites into overdrive with her incredible tongue play. Her huge form can give some predators gas.

  51. *raises hand* I’m still reading and enjoying the show!

    (I’ll repost the character info again for a refresher)

    Character: Howel Powers (full name)

    Pred Preferences: So I’m not sure if Monkey Girl (or possibly Cirilyn if not Monkey Girl) is up on the table, but Howel is a big computer nerd and gamer I would think it would be sweet if someone like her ate him. That being said, if Monkey Girl (or Cirilyn) isn’t a pred, I don’t want you to feel like you have to change up the story for my character, because Shasta would just as easily fill this spot as well

    Other Preferences: Oral Vore. And other than the obvious post-vore poops that would happen at the end of his journey- I’m really big into farts/gas. So I’d hope upon getting digested his pred will get pretty upset at how much gas his body is producing for the poor pred (think lactose intolerant or IBM) I also don’t mind any sexual actions/abuse before hand b/c he is kind of a horn dog I’m also big into teasing what the prey will inevitably become once digested <3

  52. I’d love to be eaten by Shasta, well as my sona Mirianth. My herm dragoness~ Anywho, no real preference on how its done. Other then giving Shasta some pleasure before hand. Though to be fair she is a big meal when she is nine foot tall, so you could use her as a fluffer. Or some other studio cameo. She is a big silly playful dragoness, who loves to tease! I wish you the best and hope you consider her.

  53. Damn, we dont think we really have any picky ways to be eatten. Why dont you see about these lil foxy twins being on the menu for Shasta ;3 we’re quite playful, though for Kito he might be a lil shy meeting but not so much. Heres my page, dont really have refs saved on it but i still got decent enough pics to give an exact description of them in posted art and my favorites.

    • Had to cut the comment in half as due to time limitations and work but im sure either or, kita and Kito, or Noka and Nokia. The two twin teal foxies or two twin black and blue ocelots. Its your option as theyre both posted up on my page in a couple commissions ;3

      I prefer alot of things not picky but i love seeing two preys being devoured at the same time even if they go two seperate ways.

  54. Oh, good god I hope I’m not too late for this kinda thing. X.x

    Basically my sona is a Gold finch, like the bird. Standing at a short 5 ft 4 in, he’s pretty timid about all this sexual, lewd, vore stuff.

    So Daniel would basically be used for being eaten by Miss Shasta… with someone else to be eaten with him, male or female. Preferably the two characters eaten differently simultaneously, one being eaten anally, one orally, both at the same time, only to end up inside Shasta to fuck inside her and make her belly gurgle and shake~

    • Eat me up in anyway you please, with or without someone. I just really want to be sent down Shasta’s mouth specifically. Down into her belly where I can be digested into scat.~

    • Preferences: Teasing, Anything gas related, has a secret love for gators guts and big round chubby rears , sometimes they are micros,

  55. Hello, Mamabliss. I am a big admirer of your artwork, and I was hoping that I could participate in Shasta’s World Predation Tour! I know it’s probably a long shot, but I’d love to meet Shasta and contribute my abundant curves to hers. ^_^ ♥

    Here are my refs:

    As soon as I can get that ref sheet completed, I’ll post the link here! Anyway, thank you for your consideration, and I can’t wait to see more of your work!


  56. Hey, i love the content! I dont really have a sona, but I would absolutely love to see a little fox boy get eaten up by gator girl! <3 Would eepecially love to see things like facesitting, spanking and public. Keep up the good work!