the trap [ f/m preg vore ]

Our fox girl has a plan… I’ve archived all the short comics i’ve done for Fae on this page below, is quite a pile!

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7 thoughts on “the trap [ f/m preg vore ]

  1. Lots of really nice stuff. It’s great to see, though you probably should have paced your release a little to give yourself more consistent output.

    Also, with all this voring going on not by done by her, Shasta’s probably going to be getting pretty hungry and cranky when we finally get back to her.

  2. That was definitely whole lot of nice vore comics. 😀 Also interesting to note few changes in style/coloring from past to more current stuffs. (imo improvements definitely)

  3. @Tigerstripes: these have been staggered out since 2012, they’ve just been condensed into a single archive for convenience!

    It’s so nice to see all this stuff together! I feel like it’s missing one yet though…

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