Latest Update: otter gets et’…



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347 thoughts on “Latest Update: otter gets et’…

  1. *waves*

    I’m still here, MamaBliss. ^^ it’s a good comic so far. Drazelle be enjoying herself thoroughly!

    So, who’s behind the door? I’m excited to see!

  2. Seems like there’s a funny story there. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Though this story is about getting Shasta’s belly huge(most of her stories are). :3

  3. At what point are all those furs gonna be let out? Holding in all that waste can’t possibly be good for your figure.


    *blushes* I can’t believe I made the show!!!

    • Also, small note. My insides are black. ^^ no need to fix anything here, just thought I’d let you know. ^^ I am LOVING this and look forward to seeing what happens to me.

  5. Im still here, first time commenting but as well been following for quite awhile. My lil Sammy mentioned to me she got into the comic.

    My god those hips. Someones gonna have fun fitting those in~

  6. *giggles* Oh, you guys! You know I’m only half gazelle, right? Besides, Gator Girl, you’ve got the same diet. *pokes her snout* you want me too, stop fooling yourself. ^^

  7. *giggles* ooooooooh, l remember that one! I think that was my introduction to you, Miss Shasta! Hmmmmm… it was my favorite movie to knick from my dad’s porn stash! MEEP! Gator Girl, you’re very close to making my flower bloom!!!

  8. Oh damn, now this sounds interesting. We’re wondering about this story. Story time and another appetizing course to follow for shasta. Damn dont we wish we were in that position of the zelle ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  9. Is it just me, or does GG seem despirate to at least get a taste and have a good time with Shasta’s newest toy. ^^;

    Also, this is an interesting story. I know it’s taking her back to her roots, but is this Shasta’s first big movie production we are experiencing?

  10. this better not be hard vore yuk also this world has demons angeles ect cloning in your earlyworks u did a comic with a bobcat eating a bunny millionaire and he cloned himself back so why not mikey the mouse he doesn’t deserve a permeant death u did bring shasta back so yeah also please bring back him and phalange the hyena chick and the bunny guys she ate as well that was one of your best vore comics that and the one with the bunny blue comic she came back as well cause most vore fans find that kind of vore u did with mikey the mouse disgusting

  11. Okay Samantha is just too cute. Once she started crying and shouting “No ouchies!” that would be it. I would be done for. There would be no way I could eat her after seeing that. But Shasta probably has stronger resolve than I do.

  12. yeah she has no soul hashtag i like the old shasta she actually was slightly nice back in the first comics mamabliss did she spared a couple of prey species and had herbivore friends or her sister did but she didn’t harm them

  13. What I wouldn’t give to smell that fart from Shasta. Pre-poo mink farts (along with everything else ate before her dump) has to be ripe as all get out…

  14. Oh dayum, finally gonna see shasta take a nice good ol fashion dump once shes all down with downing lil sammy there. Wonder wholl be next on the menu once she finishes up.

    Im sure once shes done shell have plenty of room for more to stuff into her gut. Maybe even more twins to go with that appetite ;3

  15. can we get more pictures of Shasta with a big o’l belly hanging out, especially after she downs that antelope? I would be willing to start paying if that’s the case…

  16. I love the reminiscing~

    Shasta and friends have such nice, engaging anecdotes that I’m always happy to hear! n.//.n If the intention is to have me go out and buy all the old Shasta media on the market, I’m sold!

    Goodbye, Drazelle! :3

  17. past the lips and over the tongue look out belly here her ass comes *sends around a servent to massage shasta’s anus, making sure to shove her arm up it to help keep it limber*

  18. Oh, both ends seem to be giving a different reaction…. That face says no, but that soaked sex appears to want to be gurgled up like the other!

  19. I figure i asked since your about get more than mouthful with that ass, has ever been any prey or meals, that had extreme difficulty putting down size wise or due to their proportions, size, weight, curves ect?

  20. Any chance of her not shitting immediately? I absolutely loved the idea of her in the previous comic of her trying to hold it until the crowd-sourcing came in…. perhaps she can hold everything until a similar goal is met, whether it be a consumption quota, donation quota, etc?

  21. hmm… no i think shastas previous efforts to hold it in untill funding goals were reached backfired… to many people wanting to see the scenario continue… i would say in this case her processes will be dragged out interminably depending on interest[$$] shown…

  22. Eh fuggit, donated to get that last page out before the end of the month. I’ve been reading this comic for over a year now, so it’s about time I contributed something to it. Keep up the great work, Mamabliss. o:

  23. I’m interested to see just how big of a gut she makes on Shasta, and what Shasta will look like after digesting her.

    Will any more of Shasta’s coworkers being making an appearance, like Kitty for example?

  24. Oh dayum now she be getting her ass eat for real. Buttoms up or should we say bottom down. Dayum, now these twins so badly wanna follow her down.

  25. interesting question, when shasta eats prey this way, does she never worry about them you know, from all the anxiety taking crap in her mouth lol?

  26. hurry up and please stop hicajing your art for money u are a scumbag like I’ve said before u don’t live up to your promises then hijack your comic with patreon money u are worse than jessica elwood

  27. Gotta say, pred’s struggling with handling a meal is a little underrated in vore. I like how Shasta took her time on this big girl; It’s great for the scene and my ~aroooooousal~

  28. Oh, geez. Well, everyone there I go! Hope you joyed me appearance, because it doesn’t look like I’ll be around much longer!

    Comic’s amazing, Mamabliss! I look forward to see how everything wraps up, and thank you so much for this opportunity!

  29. Man, once that rear was out of the way, she just slide right on in… I guess Shasta got through the hardest part first….

  30. Yup, Samantha’s the classic pear shape, once those hips had passed the lips it was tummy time. Damn, quite a mouthful all the same. That rabbit’s not the only one with a boner! She must have that stomach pretty much to herself – would be kind of fun to see how she gets on with it ^~

  31. (sorry for the double or triple post)

    Love the bunnies and that bunny isn’t the only one sporting a hard-on I’d say, hehe. Man, Shasta looking close to blow, what I wouldn’t give to be there~

  32. Omg theres an update and Omg Sammy is finally getting her ass eatten. That is so hot seeing her go down that cheetah girls gullet. Ohhhh we’re soooo jealous.

  33. Lol, you guys can thank me for this one, i not sure if anybody else wasn’t satisfied, with how quick vore scene was but i approached mamabliss and flipped bill for more explict, detailed drawn out version of shasta gobbling up that big ass, hhahahaha.

    I guess next page she have some way explain when goes back to current narration lol.

  34. Lol, mamabliss not sure if consider this to, but should have shasta go through some ass and thigh expansion after digestion all this know, some more junk in trunks or all ass went straight to thighs humor hahahaha.

  35. I want see, her get some fat to her thighs after this meal if she going hit the toliet hahahaha it be funny if got big ass like her meal.

  36. I’ll third the booty expansion! But as long as some due attention gets paid to that belly shrinking down while gurgling up that sexy gazelle, I’ll be more than satisfied ;D

  37. Yeah i love if she got bigger booty and some thicker thighs as result polishing off that rump roast, though not big as meal she put down lol, i pretty sure mamabliss be down for it if cash is there?

    I would.

  38. thank you for the update Shasta! got a question, i just Downloaded the zip archive, noticed 0126 was MIA, then went through the comic and noticed you dont have any page there, is that intentional or is a page missing?

  39. Yo, thought I’d drop in just to say I didn’t leave, MamaBliss. My character, Sar’ras, was dropped in as one of the possible characters on the predation tour page.

    Sorry, I don’t usually read your text bumps ^_^”’ Always been a fan of the comics but it got to a certain point where it was just too much nonsense in the comments and I figured you’d do the work or wouldn’t and all I needed to do is wait.

  40. There’s a first time for everything, although it would be pretty hot to have her belly go flat with no change to her figure at all, it’s like a super sexy (and churny) disappearing act~

  41. Looking forward to more, the details is peach! Love it. And I must say I do enjoy how gassy she is getting~

    Also a friendly reminder Howel is still up on the table if anything to smell that lovely fragrance Shasta’s been pumping out before he meets his demise in some form or fashion, hehe ;p Still eyeing the monkey girl tho, I’d bet my bottom dollar she’d somehow get mixed more into it.

  42. Thanks for care me ๐Ÿ™‚
    I prefer large fart but Lil vomit also nice xb
    You looks like real mama Shasta lol i ‘ll say hello to your healthy ‘poop’ baby XD

  43. What’s with that random comic page? Seems a bit strange to just randomly insert things like that.

    New page is good, though!

  44. Wow, so descriptive… How many fanfictions has this Drazzle been reading in preparation for her dive down her gut… <3

  45. Oh dear, that’s quite a problem. I’m glad for the reassurance that Shasta’ll be alright, and I’m glad gator girl is there and keeping an eye on things! Shasta IS a pro, though-glad to see she won’t be defeated by an impressive rump (And, admittedly, a lower digestive tract full of melting minks.)

    Also glad to see, ah, Samantha’s enjoying herself. >///>

  46. i really cant wait to see how big shasta’s dump is gonna be from all this ๐Ÿ˜€ or what its gonna do to her insides

  47. Seeing all of that meat pushing out of her ass going to be great! I hope we get to see everything >w> Someone cleaning it up afterwards wouldn’t be bad either…

  48. full video of the gazelle and young shasta and the lactation video as well please also please update stop stiffing us fans mamabliss

    • I support her ’cause I enjoy her art, whatever the pace she produces it at, so-nah. Not going to stop. =3
      (And there aren’t any sheeple currentley, I don’t think! Bunneple, Cheeteple, a gazelleple soon to be turned into pudge, a gateeple… no sheeple, though! Would be really cute seeing a sheep pred or prey, however…)

  49. Guys but its too late. March has gone before ten days ago, but pages of march still ‘stuck’. Till 1/3 of aprill, there’s no page of aprill and even no for march ones. I don’t wanna blame her like that anonymous guy, but this situation is not good.

  50. I love the comic and have been a long time MB supporter from way back in the “pass the hat to finish the comic” days. I am disappointed with the lack of updates; hope everything is okay with MB.

    • I think it’s more “Hi, it’s us. Shasta’s got one stuck down her throat. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I thought she could handle anyone, too!!!”

  51. Oh my goodness~ that gazelle is just too fucking sexy!!

    her face is priceless! Cutie is getting eaten up, and so close to being finished <3

  52. This stuff is entertaining and all but two, even just one page dedicated to that big gazelle girl getting all churned up is all you really need to get the crowd on your side.

  53. OHHH my goodness! *tries not to freak* What an amazing surprise to wake up too, literally made my morning! I’ve managed to make the show (or rather “Howel” more like)! I absolutely love how he’s captured here, He’s sucha dork! Howel probably has no chance with Monkey Girl, but it won’t stop him from trying that’s for sure! Definitely laughing at Monkey Girl’s first “solution” to his unwanted advances.

    Don’t worry Monkey Girl, there is a terrible storm brewing, I smell it in the air! Don’t worry, stick close to Howel and you can “weather” it together, haha (okay, sorry not sorry… I’ll see myself out for now. Keep up the good work!)

  54. Looks like Monkey girl may have her hands full, hehe! And am I correct in seeing that she also built a fort made up of toilet paper rolls??
    Also something tells me Jenelle may want to be careful, because she may be getting more than she bargained for!

  55. I want see drazalle get compacted in shastas belly similar how she did those bunnies earlier hahahaha.

  56. Blah, I didn’t think that Patreon would’ve charged me the ten dollars again after it failed to pull anything from my account on the first. Now I’m short on money that I needed for other things today. I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run, but right now it’s kind of annoying.

    • yes, i noticed the extra 10 showing up, email me [] if you need me to refund that…

  57. LOL! As much as I love all this vore stuff I hope we get to see more of Monkey Girl dealing with this newcomer.

  58. I got question for anne?

    While know she basically just handles schedule side things and a managment type position, your telling me in the midst all this predation and vore stuff day after day you never indulged in it once? Meaning never eating or devoured a person of interest just see what it is like, even just as fantasy using shastas powers? A person may pissed you off or demeaned in some fashion, or just for shits and giggles!

  59. Damn, that’s sexy watching the last of Samantha slowly vanishing like that. Bye bye honey, it was fun seeing you go down. Your digestion awaits…

  60. Ya know, you’ve made my hips rather infamous… and desireable!


  61. Wow! What a magnificent display of flatulence, I’m jealous of Sempai13’s position!

    Question: Sempai13, what’s it like to get a fist full of Shasta ass gas?

    Shasta, do you feel better now?

    • I’d say look at my my face and that’s a good answer! hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰
      But yeah, If the smell wasn’t enough to kick me in the face (lot of meat in your diet tends to have that effect, you know?) I’d probably pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream!

  62. It’s really lovely to see, ah, just how much Samantha is enjoying this, even if she was playing at being unwilling prey. I can, er, sorta relate to that, I can…

  63. My my, excuse you Shasta, hehe!

    speaking of which, she looks massive! I think she needs a break. Time to tag Monkey Girl? I liked the small interaction between her and the newcomer (Howel?)

  64. Geez. Well at least everyone else that was inside Shasta are moving out the way to let Samantha in (how thoughtful!). Just make sure you make it to the bathroom in time cause that looks like it’s a big one! :U

  65. Dayum now that Deazelle is gonna be all gone, and seems shes so full i dont even think shes even going to make it to dessert ๐Ÿ˜ก that main course is really gonna go straight to those hips doe :3

  66. Congratulations, you’ve managed to conquer Sam’s massive hips! I wouldn’t have guessed that all Shasta needed was a good rim job to get things moving along~ (def wouldn’t mind seeing more stuff like this) Love that I have the opportunity to be there to soak it in and experience it all first hand, just look at that face! Haha

    (thought I’d try and have some fun with playing more the part)

  67. Wowee, that’s going to be a lotta poop! Does Shasta even bother to use the toilet, at times like these? I feel like that would just end with the poor toilet getting buried… Does she keep an extra-large litterbox around, for special occasions? X3

      • Just saying it’s not to everyone’s tastes. :v I’m happy for the few people who like it getting some content.

      • Nah, I agree with him, would maybe be nice to keep the farts closer to the scat stuff and moved away a bit from the actual digestion. Could get everybody some of what they like that way

    • With a big belly like that on Shasta (which I know you yourself have said you wanted and enjoyed) couldn’t possibly produce anything less (which I myself, as well plenty others here have shared they enjoyed) I agree with MamaB here, ya can’t go halfway here~! I think there is enough room in this comic/community for all of us to take something from ^^

  68. When coupled with vore I tend to enjoy post-vore scenes, such as this, just as much the vore scene itself. Outside of it, not as much, is that weird? x3

    That said, I’m actually laughing at Shatas unintentionally making “fart porn” situation! xD

  69. I think Shasta ate five kinds of meal, bunny like one, two minks, several little bunnies, and Samantha. But in the 27th scene there is one more anonymous prey in her belly. Who’s that one?

  70. While I simply do enjoy farts from bomb babes like Shasta here, I would almost equate this to the “climax” of vanilla porn in the viewing sense. Couple with the fact that this is Shasta, only one of the most popular vore models around, I’d say I’m quite serious and that I still might be dreaming!

    Also did anyone else notice that bunny next to me is (most likely) the same bunny who explained to Shasta way back about those of us who may have “Fart Fantasies” Nice! I have a friend ๐Ÿ˜€

    (Also MamaB. And I believe an above comment mentioned, but yeah, Gator Girl ate Husky and Shark with double barrels ^^ )

  71. So all those images that are random shown are who’s gone down her gullet more recently? Daaaamn Shasta you can pack a lot and not show it, it’s impressive indeed!

    As to Samantha’s fate, eh. She’ll have more purpose as fat and pudge on Shasta body (hopefully her chest and hips) then she did as her original form. Oh well, prey usually don’t have any other reason to exist then as nice new layers of ‘fluff’ on a sexy pred.

    You go girl Shasta! Make that Gazelle into more love for us all to enjoy~ Her wide hips were there for a reason after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. Hey mamabliss long time reader/lurker! Is that Kendra Byte on page 23? I ask b/c “The Big Event” is my favorite comic of yours ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Why do you stick around to harass her if you’re free-loading to view her material? I mean, either you LIKE the art, and you keep coming back, which means you’re harassing us for helping her get by…. OR you keep coming back to try and get her Patrons to leave, in which you’d be making more excuses than just her update schedule. She does other pages and work too. I think making that “I’ll try to do so many pages a month” might’ve been a bust, but she HAS been busy making something new for Wild too.

  73. Interesting thing to point out here: The longer it’s the same picture every time I check, the less attractive that picture beccomes. Like when I first saw this page, I was diamonds. Now I’m tired of it. :T

  74. to prove what u idiots can’t see dumbass that she’s like trump a con artist and u the stupid sheep it makes me laugh LoL go f yourselves lol

  75. that pucker needs loving, new snack boy stop talking and get your face in her booty. Still got to let the pressure out before she hits the can to mae some propper room.

    keep up the good work but don’t knacker yourself, we love it and can wait for more

  76. Haha, this is fantastic. Of course I would have a collection, what fellow Eproctophile wouldn’t have one, I ask you? Each fragrance tells a story, mind you, particularly for preds and their wide “diet” of assorted prey. It’s equally fascinating and erotic!

    • You know that? Pred’s fart has laxative enzyme. So they can affect other preds full belly.
      For example, several weeks ago in a ‘vore’ yoga class in my town there was a big accident. The teacher was pregnant white fox who constipated seven days. That day although she feels her belly started to rumble, she enforce her class. And then when she massaging a lioness girl with full belly that lioness loses her asshole so massive stinky fart erupted from her ass. The white fox teacher smelled it directly, few seconds later she collapsed and gave birth to her seven days massive amount of thick dark brown logs.

  77. How does Shasta’s gas stack up to your collection? Would love to know details. Also, Is that collection for personal use or do you sell those off? Asking for a friend…

  78. Ha, Am I a ninja or what? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Haha seriously this this is some of my favorite batch of panels you’ve released yet! Very hot and funny to boot! Def hope to see you catch up and keep a steady pace if possible. But these pages def made the wait just about worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  79. this makes no sense mama bliss u drew her as a teen in the late 80’s get your timeline in order yet u have her as a teen in the 70s wtf u dumb ass

  80. Lol, i hope she gets big butt and pair thighs from digesting that big ass gazelle girl, please, i love see pair thick thighs.

  81. By the way Shasta, if you’re bent on kicking me out mind giving me some company? I wouldn’t mind talking to Monkey girl some more ;D

    • Also I meant to say earlier, one of the examples more like of why I love some of your panel work points to cheeky scenes like first pages “fart perfume” leading into the story of days gone past. Always loved creative panels like that! Keep it up :3

  82. Shasta had better have some amazing plumbing in the studio, or I suspect she may be finding an even worse job for monkey girl in the near future…. xD

  83. Would love to see more internal shots. What’s going on in that belly of yours. The Drazelle stewing nicely in your guts? Oh and an otter? Would also the to see how your intestines are holding up too Those internal shots from earlier were perfect.

  84. Dayum this is still going, last I looked up on this was after she finished up my favorite drazelle. Really enjoying how this comic is coming along, really had missed it. Dang lucky otter gettin that trip. My lil foxys has been beggin a chance at that slide but ya know I think that gator gal could use a bit attention after watching her friend chow down. :3

  85. You know, insulting her probably isn’t doing much to encourage her. Yes, it’s a bit annoying that it’s been so long since the last update, but there are other places you can get your fix in the meantime. It’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything.

    • You are very right, but at this point there isn’t much use trying to talk any kind of sense to that Anon who doesn’t know how to use proper capitalisation or punctuation. (Something that makes him very distinctive so you always know it’s him.) He’s been saying the same stuff over and over for the last 2 years and no one has been able to make him realize little things like, Mama has a life outside of this comic, or that she has other websites and commissions to work on as well. So you are wasting your time trying to talk to him. He’s just going to continue acting like an entitled little so and so who thinks this is his own personal comic and throws fits every time Mama doesn’t cave in to his every demand. (Despite the fact he’s paying nothing for this comic.) The best thing to do is just ignore him. Eventually one day he’ll realize the world doesn’t revolve around what he wants.

  86. again 3 months no updates if u still support her you are retarded period. She is not a good person end of story and she is exactly like jessica elwood with is to say a cunt scammer bitch!

  87. Dude, wtf is your problem? Idk who you are but you got issues. Why are you so dead set on being a jerk to Mamabliss?

    Mamabliss has made TONS of comics and her track record speaks for it’s self. STFU and be patient like the rest of us reasonable adults.

    You have no idea what could be going on in her personal life. Maybe she’s sick for all you know you insensitive prick; not like you’d care though. You’d still find a way to complain.

    If you’re are a fan, then the least an artist can ask is for you to have some compassion. We’re not your personal art slaves on demand.

    If you cant accept that, then the problem isnt the artist, its YOU jack ass. Sorry the world dosnt conform to your impatient standards.

  88. oh look another sycophant fan of a scammer and lazy artist 4 months no updates u dumb motherfucker troll go fuck yourself you hopless idiot enjoy having nothing for supporting a lazy bitch lol

    • Ikr, like where do we get these people? Apparently they think we give a shit about their problems.

      Oh boy, they’re in for a treat when they find out that we dont care. XD

  89. wow typical dumb ass sycophant fanboy attack no matter what even if the facts are staring your alt-right neo nazi face 1 no updates 2 she still has her patreon running has not shut it down to stop people from being robbed 3 fuck u retard

    • Alt-right? Neo nazi? Wtf? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Way to be relevant.

      Dude, you think you’re at a political rally or something? Omg you’re in the wrong neck of the woods bro. Lol, this is a comic website featuring vore of all things, not a dumb politics fan group. Way to be lame bro.

      I bet secretly you’re a vore fan in denial and thats why you’re posting as anoymous. Dont want mommy to see your browser search history huh?

      Mamabliss will still be making art and we’ll still be here. So, good luck schmuck.

  90. Sure is a lot of troll feeding going on around here. I mean, yeah I know. I’m tempted to do it too. It’s kind of fun watching him flip out and go nuts every time the world doesn’t conform to his demands. But really is it worth it? The more you feed him the more he’s going to keep doing it.

    • Not surprised, considering the comments section invariably turns into a horrendously toxic shit-flinging contest on every post.

  91. It’s sad to see a lack of updates for such a long time. It’s also sad to see these trolls harassing her in the comment sections on her websites.

    Mamabliss’ art is so unique and fun. Hope to see more soon. Hopfully she’s ok…

  92. Sad to see this comic die. ๐Ÿ™ But understand your reasons as the haters are being overly harsh. Hopefully something new on the horizon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t be discouraged Mamabliss, keep up your talents and move forward. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. I didn’t want to have to say this:

    I emailed MB a while back to apologize on behalf of the people who wait patiently for whatever problems she’s facing to pass for the hateful and vitriolic comments being left here by people who believe that artists are just machines that churn out artwork and have no personal problems whatsoever. If you are one of those people who feels that borderline harassment and insult hurling is going to get her to come back any faster, you have two choices: Either (1) Chill the fuck out and accept that she may need to take some time to deal with issues in her real life, or (2) learn to put pencil to paper and draw your own fucking art if you’re so goddamn impatient.

  94. srysly fuck you stupid loyalist she has only herself to blame you don’t update people get pissed off if u have a pattern and u don’t deliver its thievery stop supporting a theif

  95. Honestly, aside from the rabbid, porn raving people who would be upset no matter what, I think I’d personally feel 100% better if we got just a little bit of communication from MB. From an investor standpoint, it’s never a good idea to just vanish off the face of the earth without any kind of information or known reason. Even if it’s just a weekly/bi-weekly “hey guys I’m alive, but things are still not great on my end” message, I’d at least feel like MB was aware of our perspective and give us a little bit of reassurance that she’s listening. Otherwise I just feel like MB started up some pseudo-ponzi scheme and suddenly decided to take the money and run without a trace.

    All-in-all, I enjoy MB’s style and themes (which can be pretty unique compared to the usual fandom!) so I don’t mind waiting until she sorts things out on her own! It’s better to be an artist with your feet on the ground than be stuck in a bad situation with a billion people screaming at you online about deadlines. Either way, both sides need to learn how to communicate properly first before expecting things to go smoothly.

  96. So… anyone know whats going on? I’ve been checking to see but still no update anywhere… I mean it’s been what…seven months?

    Anyone heard from Mamabliss on other websites? Is she ok? Just curious of her whereabouts; if she’s ok…

  97. WhiteKitten of all people seems to consistently get content produced, and yet everyone else gets shafted. They just posted a few pictures on their FA, in case anyone still cares over here.

  98. Been a longtime follower, and at one point had a subscription to her sites, but the super sporadic updates and most of all the extreme radio silence that sets in for months at a time is painful. Love the content, hope things are alright, but its hard to support this “business” model financially .

  99. Wow! What an awesome series! Just tuned in, I really hope to see more! I’ll throw in my two cents and say I’d love to see another x-ray shot of mama’s inside of what’s going on in that belly of hers! Who’s digested/digesting and how many logs are waiting to drop out that rear end ๐Ÿ˜›

    • No shit. I wish she would at least notify her remaining fans if she no longer intended to continue this project. Although, I suppose if she does it means she’ll have no reason to keep milking her Patreon supporters…

  100. For what it’s worth she responded to someone on the Patron recently that she’d be starting this back up. Given how reliable that sort of thing has been in the past however I wouldn’t get too excited.

    I do like MamaB’s work but it’s hard to support her when she’s so lackadaisical in terms of following through on things.

  101. I check in every now and then, not so much out of hope that Mamabliss would be back, mostly just out of curiosity now.

  102. Dude, Raivun, she hasnt even kept up on Patreon. I just double checked. Her last post was 2016.

    I love Mamabliss, her characters, and her art. And as a fellow artist, i get that it can be hard to keep a project going. But it is still upsetting to not see it continue.

    • Nope. She seems to be working through her commission queue, given people are posting up commissions from her on FA fairly often. Given how big it had apparently got, that’s probably not a bad thing really. It was the cause of a fair few complaints over on the main site and likely *why* she’s been radio silent for so long.

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