The Tour begins..


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175 thoughts on “The Tour begins..

  1. The the? Yeah I like that band too.
    (Seriously though, could give that second the a scuff out,)

  2. woops… had to give it a serious eyeballing to find that, is fixed. also do not worry, the way things work will be explained!

  3. Ooo! Are you taking destination suggestions? We’ve got a former mayor here in Toronto who’s still sorely in need of getting eaten… though he might be too big even for you, Shasta… *taunting tease*

  4. (I’m always down for a Shasta post-vore dump. Yay :3)

    Shasta: What prey do you find upsets your stomach the most? Or gives you the most gas?

    Also: So with this idea of yours… Do you plan on taking a tour around the world to give “enthusiasts” a tour of your insides? What is your plan?

  5. Question: Shasta, have you ever eaten someone and regretted it later? If so, can you explain what circumstances led to that belly bulging binge?

  6. How long would someone my size, about an inch tall, last in your stomach before digestion end their life? How do you play with your food when it’s that small, assuming you do at all?

  7. RE: Shasta’s Response:
    Fair point, actually, and that *was* a rather silly question in retrospect. I had not thought about the fact that, ah, more fans would pop up faster than they’d churn down. And it would probably also greatly increase your visibility, leading to more money…

    Plus you can always nick their wallets.

    Anyways, thanks for answering!

  8. Ah! This actually causes another question to spring to mind:

    Shasta: Do you ever get burnt out on melting down folks? If so, what do you do to recharge and get away from it?

    I can imagine, also, that there’s a difference between churning folks for a movie/because you *have* to, and digesting someone because you *wanted* to-is there?

    Also, huzzah being on the go again! I look forward to seeing where this goes.

    (And goodness, though-judging by the signup, Shasta may be *very* busy.)

  9. Poor Anne, you must have to work around clock to manage this latest idea of Shasta’s haha but I suppose you are used to such? :3

  10. Oh look! 😀 My comment makes a cameo. hehe If I get eaten my OC Sophie might be upset about that lol Loving this so far though so much suspense

  11. i really hope my application got in? It still says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” and i posted it back on the 5th aha

  12. come on mama bliss one update a week is unacceptable you can do 1-2 comics a day it isn’t that hard avencri can do a comic a day or 5 art commissions a live stream (face palm) others do it all the time why not u????!!!!

  13. Have to agree with an above post. I love your work but god does it take forever to update. Wasn’t the original idea a panel a day?

  14. every other day would be more realistic. whats going on here is that i’m missing about 10-25% of what i need in terms of income…. so anytime there’s a shortfall it has to come from somewhere else and the smooth flow of updates is interrupted.

  15. Once I get my little pay raise – or I start going back to school under the V.A., I’ll definitely find a way to try and chip in a couple bucks a month – 5 at minimum, or 2 dollars a week. Probably rollin’ up to 10-20. IDK. I’d really have to see – after DragonCon, of course.

  16. you know not updating just causes the reverse effect less money from fans so i would say update at least 3-4 times a week and promote on furry sites eka’s portal furrafinnity ect cause all your doing is burning bridges again like jessica elwood and don’t screw people on commission never finished if you can’t do it refund them!!! and 3 days again no updates just stop the excuses!

    • Says the person who’s so invested they won’t use their name.

      As someone who’s contributing (a small amount–stupid grad student salary), while would like to see updates more often, the updates HAVE been ongoing, and the speed seems pretty fair for the amount Mamabliss is getting per month. To demand they release content faster because they *might* get more patreon payments is backwards-and given the number of people out there who feel outright ENTITLED to free porn (and who bitch about people who put ANYTHING behind a patreon paywall), I find that bit of advice likely, well, not true.

      I agree that refunds on undone commissions are a good idea, but that’s also sort of a different subject entirely.

  17. update your comic at least 3-4 times a week dammit!!! I’m sick of this is why you won’t get past milestone 1!!!

  18. Woh, don’t be rude Mr. Anonymous. Real life happens all the time and sometimes it takes a while for something to get updated. Relax and be a little more respectful towards Mamabliss, lest she decided that maybe she’ll make you wait longer because of your attitude. (Which I know isn’t the reason for the gap in updates, but still. Treat people with respect or else they might decide you don’t deserve to be apart of this.)

  19. For Fucks Sake, everyone stop complaining! She can’t do more updates unless she gets more money, it doesn’t work the other way around, income is first and foremost, making a living is more important than making a comic.

  20. I do love this Shasta series and mamabliss, but to increase income, she should either be more consistent with the output rate or increase the output rate. I won’t be surprise if people start withdrawing their contribution rate per month. I would say the successful artists accomplishes at least one of the two.

  21. Wait, so the 7th page was fixed, but it was the same as the first one, so which one is the first one? I’m really confused 😛

  22. hopefully tha—at clears up the confusion about the pages, the latest one goes at the top so it appears on the front page but also the bottom….

  23. I would say Shasta’s wrong about people being used to that…

    I certainly don’t want to see it show up on front page here without being able to avoid seeing it.

  24. Is there any reason my application got like, straight up rejected? I tried to post I over a month ago and maybe I put too many links in and it got spam filtered? Idk I’d just like to know whether it at least went through or not

  25. sorry monsterwhitt! should be on the list now, i keep having to raise the allowed limit on links… is 100 now, that should do it.

  26. “Can i make this a daily thing? I’m gonna be giving that another go.. and if i do that could the viewing public come up with another couple of hundred in patreon funds?”

    Back when this site was regular, I was a contributor; it was super exciting and it was something to look forward to at the end of a hard day. Now, when updates occur, it’s more like a pleasant surprise, but I withdrew my contribution after the first charge because updates went from usually-one-every-couple-of-days down to maybe-four-per-month. I love the content — I love the Mamabliss style of art, writing, and subject-matter — but, since contributions are monthly and not based at all on output, it can be frustrating, as a patron, to not know what kind of value you’re getting before you commit to pay.

    I think that a lot of people that are free-viewers, now (including me), would feel a lot more comfortable with money changing hands if there was a patron option for payment-per-page. As they become comfortable with your update schedule (whatever it may be), they may switch to a monthly-payment option just so that their credit card isn’t getting dinged every-other day (or however often). Look at it this way: someone is contributing $10 a month right now and they switch to $1 per page. If you only post 8 pages that month, you’ve lost $2, but ~think of all of the formerly-free viewers that you’ve converted into patrons by enticing them with impulse-buy-level transactions rather than the scary commitment of a subscription-like charge~. Suddenly, $10 a month — or even $15 a month, which is nearly twice the cost of Netflix (and now they’re weighing Shasta’s value against a month of Netflix) — turns into the cost of a soda or a bag of chips, which they have no problem buying on a daily basis. You’re (hypothetically) losing a buck or two from all of your existing patrons that have switched to piecemeal charges, but I think that you’d gain a lot of new patrons to more than make up for it.

    (Checking the Patreon page after typing all of that, I don’t think that most patrons are paying $10 a month, but my point would be the same if they went from $5 a month to $0.50 per page.)

    You could entice patrons into higher per-image (or monthly) patronages by holding a drawing every couple of weeks for a couple of people to be vored by Shasta (or whatever), where every dollar spent becomes a ticket in the bowl, or every dollar spent adds weight to a user’s vote during polls, and only patrons are able to comment, etc. Viewing pages could remain free, since seeing “prey” get drawn from the fishbowl or seeing how polls have played out or seeing people having their comments responded to serves to entice them into becoming a patron, themselves! Just imagine it…! @_@

    “like i say no need to answer or discuss, better to wait and see what happens.”

    Oh… oops.

    If updates were regular, again, I’d have no problem signing on as a patron, whether they were daily, bi-daily, or just, “every Wednesday.” I think that it’s pay-what-you-want, so it wouldn’t really matter how often updates drop as much as it matters that updates are consistent so that a user can decide how much they’re comfortable parting with; you gotta have an idea of what you’re getting if you’re going to agree to a certain charge a month in advance, you know? Don’t underestimate how nice it is to think, “Oooh, it’s Wednesday…! Can’t wait to check out the new Shasta!” That adds a ~lot~ of value to your product. When updates sometimes come often, other times rarely, and more-or-less totally at random — will it ever be updated again, has she completely lost interest, how long will we be waiting for an update before it’s clear that updates won’t be happening again, how long will we be waiting for this arc to be satisfied, if it ever is — it can make people feel hesitant to agree to buy anything in advance.

    Uh, good luck, and thank you for existing!

  27. just update daily and you will get more money don’t and you wont make milestone 1 and 400 is too hight for milestone two lower it to 200-275 range jeez!! update already and be smart!

  28. nope she a jerk and it will take forever until she goes jessica elwood on us again !!! (stealing money not fulfilling commissions ect)

  29. Unfortunately I can’t say I’m surprised about the dip your Patreon has taken Mamabliss. It happened before too when you also took well over a week absence without saying anything. People like their regular updates.

    Hopefully things will go better.

  30. uhh nooo its cause of your bullshit of not giving people commissions you owe and updating all your sites you have too manny just focus on this the furry site and goddess and start updating day by day yes you said you’d update daily for a week then you stop and say you can’t without trying or spreading word of mouth on eka’s portal and furrafinity weasly ect stop lying and start fixing your dam problems you are the problem not everyone else and your milestone two is way two high 225-300 and maybe plus what else i’ve said and you would be set you don’t see chalo,fleki,shyguy9 and avencri having these problems so wake up get help if u need it mental and actual help with your art and stop your chronic lying

    • Yes, because I’m sure bitching her out really helps her get things done faster. God I hope she doesn’t just get so sick of all of you she stops updating altogether.

    • How about you sit down and be quiet regarding something that you can’t even begin to comprehend. You /do/ know she runs about 3 other sites, right? Coupled with the fact I can’t even understand your broken English..

      Ok, wait, no. Nevermind. How about you don’t compare an artist to another because A: They AREN’T those people; B: They have a life outside of drawing; and finally C: Unless you can do better, enjoy what you’re getting for /FREE/. That’s right: Free. If you’re gonna bitch, you better damn well pay to bitch.

      Rant done. I’ve made my point.

  31. then that just proves the haters point me included this isn’t good for women who draw furry art we had the bitch known as jessicsa elwood we don’t need another one come on mama bliss get it together and stop bs people update at least 4-5 times a week

    • o.o If you want her to update that much, pay her as much weekly as you would a full time job. Otherwise, don’t bitch. K?

  32. Dear mamabliss,
    I want to first thank you for all the YEARS worth of really incredible artwork you have produced….I’m sure many have enjoyed them…you are truly an artist without parellel…and with being a great artist that entitles you to many eccentricities…sometimes I’m sure you don’t feel emotionally able to always produce your remarkable work or have the time to do so since we all are grounded in this horrible slave system called “money”. I think people need to appreciate you are a real person with real problems you must conquer.. And we as admirers and consumers of you work need to understand that. If you aren’t willing to help her with those issues (I mean FINANCIALLY) and help support a great artist THEN KEEP YOUR NEGATIVITY AND COMMENTS TO YOURSELF….. I’m sure she is trying… Give her some space and let her work….thank you again for everything you do and have done mamabliss…you are wonderful!!!

  33. oh shut up she had chance after chance to make it up she’s just on ether jessica elwood theirs been a history of female furry artists screwing over commissioners and she forwards ill will towards female artists when they do this and it is female more than male artists screwing over their fans or failing behind thats the facts avencri got his shit together and now he updates his comic semi weekly and does lots of art but heres the difference he has a day job so thats ok luvon does too they have excuses legit excuses get some help metal and physically for the backlog of art owed !!! your fans are getting fed up and the patreon support will go down

    • Really getting sick of this abuse towards an artist with no evidence, lack of proper grounds, and the fact that – despite your efforts – she’s still holding, if not, gaining support.

      Coupled with the fact that you are posting as Anon, I can’t help but laugh a little.

      Keep up what you do Mama.

  34. vox you can gthell just what saw her newest blog still seing thursday’s pic current bs factor 2.5 weeks without update and now 2 more days so stfu!!!! liar!!

  35. hey dipshit go find yourself another comic if your having patience issues with this wonderful artest here

  36. I think what the issue is comes down to being told one thing and seeing the thing promised not materialized and replaced with excuses. Years ago Mama promised me a comic in 2 weeks for my birthday and I had to wait more than a year for it. She said she felt bad and didn’t realize that it had been for my birthday. She eventually tried to make up for it by offering to create a comic with the donations of others who felt bad for my complaints towards her. Still not sure how I feel about this since to me, a bunch of people paying the artist to make up for her own mistakes seems a little disingenuous. I felt frustrated that I was being lied to though I had to wait because like a moron I gave her the full amount off the bat out of shear admiration. I STILL enjoy MB’s art though I have to admit after the experience I had with her personally it stops me from offering any money to this day simply because I do not like being lied to. MB if you need the money that bad give us a goal. I am sure that plenty of vorephiles on the internet would be happy to fund your continued work on depicting things we like in your amazing style. Just be honest with what you need and trust will bring you a long way as far as pledges for money. For me the issue arises when it feels like you are on the verge of greatness again and yet fumble at the last minute because you have to spread yourself thin for one reason or another. I cannot imagine an artist of your caliber not being able to make money… What will kill any chance of reaching whatever your goals are for this project fastest is to deceive your closest supporters repeatedly. You will be judged much less harshly for expressing honest needs over fanciful lies.

  37. now be nice everyone. i consider people complaining i’m not posting enough art online generally to be fans.

  38. Just curious, will there be a disposal scene >////>?… And if so, please be sure to include my soul gem in it, it’s looks like one of those seethrough glass marbles with the rainbow swirls on the inside, about an inch in diameter, and its glowing slightly : x

  39. looks like she will need help I vote to put my lion character theo in voting some female zebras,warthogs,gazelles and rabbit girls oh and that hyena girl phalange bring her back mama bliss love to see her voting some more rabbit and zebra guys and lots of m/f and f/f f/m furry vore sex keep it up you’ve got a lot of catching up to do

  40. Gatorgirl doesn’t do math well. 6 hours for digestion is 360 minutes. So adding up digestion,hanky panky, swallowing, and disposal that is 360 + 15 + 7.5 (average) + 4.5 (average) = 387 minutes per prey if she does one prey at a time. If the estimate of 300 fans to eat is accurate this puts her at about 116,100 minutes which is equal to 1935 hours or 80.625 days. Even if she limited herself to 1 prey per day that would still take 300 days. A long shot away from Gatorgirl’s estimate. As a quick side note, if even if TigerStripes is right and the intended number was something like 300,000 fans that only brings this up to around 220 years. Only a third of Gatorgirl’s estimate. The only way this would take over 600 years would be if Shasta averaged just under a fan every 2 years. I highly doubt she has that kind of patience.

    Math is serious business.

    • Well, if the ‘seven or eight’ for hanky panky and the ‘four or five’ to poop ’em out are hours, then the math does work out if it’s 300 000. I’d tested that initially, which is why I pointed out the missing ‘thousands’.
      6 + 0.25 + 8 + 5 = 19.25 hrs/fan
      19.25 hrs/fan * 300 000 fans = 5.775 x 10^6 hrs
      5.775 X 10^6 hrs = 658.8 yrs

      TigerStripes is serious about the biznez of maths.

      • Those were minutes, not hours, or at least the hanky panky and swallowing were, idk about the poopin em out part, it was kinda confusing how she worded it

      • The problem, however, is Gatorgirl had already explicitly changed to minutes by then, and “another seven or eight for possible hanky panky” came directly after mentioning fifteen minutes for swallowing. That could be Gatorgirl still failing at math but for different reasons, though, if her units are unclear. If this is correct it would mean there would be 1.5 to 2 hours more for hanky panky per fan than there was for swallowing, digestion, and pooping put together.

        The real problem with your math there, however, is that it would mean 5 hours of pooping for each fan. I mean, I guess it is technically possible for her to poop for that long for each fan, but I somewhat doubt it. I’ll try and see if I can come up with number of fans required for it to equal 650 years. I’ll do hanky panky as both minutes and hours, using average of it and pooping again.

        650 years = 237,250 days = 5,694,000 hours
        360 minutes + 15 minutes + 450 + 4.5 = 829.5 minutes per fan or 13.825 hours.
        5,694,000/13.825 = 411,863 fans.

        360 + 15 + 7.5 + 4.5 = 387 minutes or 6.45 hours
        5,694,000/6.45 = 882,791 fans.

        However, one thing to take into consideration would be that this is if Shasta did not sleep for 650 years. If we cut out about 1/3 of her day, which would mean removing roughly 1/3 of the prey she’d end up consuming we get around 271,830 prey for the first calculation and 582,642 for the second. What this means is that it is possible that Gatorgirl could have taken into account Shasta taking time to sleep and not having any of her digestion time overlap with her sleep time. If that is the case and shasta did take roughly 7.5 hours for hanky panky per prey than the estimation of 300,000 fans would only be off by just under 10%. If this is the case than Shasta is reasonably much better at mental math than I gave her credit for and her calculations were not far off, but I somewhat doubt she took into account time Shasta would sleep.

  41. am afraid i’m gonna have to delete arguments from this thread if they get to stupid… yes, i should post more updates, jessica elwood ect…

  42. can you actually do a week of updates thats 3 weeks you’ve lied now please do what you say your going to do you said 2-3 weeks of updating weekly so do it and then make the comic every other day like 4 days a week if your that behind in commissions ect stop screwing over the fans please!!!

  43. Well mamabliss,

    It’s been fun but I’m tired of getting my hopes up each time you say you’re gonna be better. Love the art but can’t handle the waiting period. It’s stupidly ridiculous. Good luck.

  44. While I am well aware this site isn’t for me at all, I do peak in every once and a while because every now and again … So on that note just wanted to say: the two panels of Sasta’s inexplicably superhuman (superanthro?) conservation-of-mass-violating fast digestion = HAWT!

  45. Could you do a ghost ass possession comic where like a ghost goes straight a women a butt and starts playing with her ass

  46. twice no i believe you owe the fans at least 4 times a week for all the pain and anger you have caused we will see if you can keep a promise plus 400 is to high maybe at 300 or 250 is a better patreon 2nd tier goal mama bliss if you can do 2-3weeks straight of updates then plus 4 times a week after that you’ll get support and advertise on furrafinnity, lulz ,u-18chan ect ect boom your welcome comic looks good though

  47. Is it just me, or does this Anon record have a skip in it? Really dude I’ve lost count of how many times you have said the same thing over and over again. Just stop commenting already. In fact, stop reading the comic entirely if it bothers you so much. No one is forcing you to be here. Everyone here seems to be pretty chill about it, just enjoying the comic, and then there is you repeating the same thing you’ve been going on about for the last month…

    On a better note, I’m super excited to see who’s up next. This has been awesome~

  48. Specifically a ghost goes right up a women’s butt and Starts doing dirty things like holding that women’s fart or shit or changes that woman’s ass size

    • i’m not really doing requests on here though i was considering doing something short and silly with the ghost butt thing… <_<

  49. o.o/ All aside from Anon constantly posting about something relating to a ghost and a butt (That will never happen), I’m interested in seeing just who this ‘sailor’ is. o.o I’ve got guesses, but I know it isn’t me.

    … My head is like a cheese wedge. And I’m in the Army. ; w; That would be an insult to call me a sailor.

  50. You know vox thanks comments about that butt possession not needed and mama thanks for doing it and good job on the giantess and Shasta comics keep going you are doing great

  51. supporters of you are idiots keep to your word a month of updates daily and advertise on tumblr furafinnity ect and lower your tier two to 300 or 250$ and you’d get the old fans like me who left for multiple reasons back

  52. Hey mama just wanted to say your doing great seriously not being sarcastic here you are awesome at drawing keep it up

  53. Due why you ruining the party man I’m just saying she street at drawing that’s it and all that she’s. Doing for us it may take a long time but it will she will give us updates so chill out

  54. Yeah didn’t do good at that comment I meant she’s doing great it may take a long time but it will come so don’t ruin the party man

  55. I love this comic and I love Mama’s art. Yes it takes her some time to get pages up but that’s okay, I can wait. I know she has to do other stuff just to make a living. It would be great if this comic updated every day, but I would much rather see Mama be able to pay bills and put food on the table. And besides, it’s not like there isn’t still a good bit of entertainment going on here from day to day. Every time I check there are at least two new comments from that angry Anon, and it’s quite hilarious listening to him. I mean, did you see the September 19th post? He goes into the same rant, saying the exact same things he’s already said about 30 times, but then he ends it with “you’d get the old fans like me who left for multiple reasons back”

    Uhh… If you left then why are you still here and still bitching? The word “left” means you are gone. You have went away from this place and you are not coming back. And yet there he is. Every other day. Back saying the same thing again and again. I swear it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It really does keep me entertained to some degree while I wait for the next update.

    You know everyone, I think we should all petition to have the angry anon eaten by Shasta in this comic. I can see it now. He could be screaming something like “Stop lying to the fans! Updates daily and advertise on Tumblr, Furafinnity, ect. and lower your tier two to $300 or $250!” all the way down into her belly. That would be truly hilarious.

  56. I’m lovin’ what’s goin’ on so far – minus the trolls and the people trying to request things or tell Mama what to/not-to do. Sorry, folks, but this is her art, and she does what /she/ wants. It’s not gonna appease the majority – hell – it already shuts most people off because it’s Vore.

    Now how about we all sit back, and pray to god I’m not going down in that gut… Monkey girl, I swear, if you find me, you’re comin’ with..


  57. I’ve observed something interesting by making a statement that seems to have disappeared while I was away o.o!

    The expressions lately are a treat though.

    • shulse said ‘Forget the anonymous turds o.o…’ which i deleted, if people have a viewpoint they want to express i’m trying not to interfere.. but if it’s just name calling it goes in the trash.

  58. While I won’t debate semantics or cite examples that seem more egregious to me – Though I will say it surprised me considering other things that haven’t been deleted. It’s certainly a trashy statement, I won’t dispute that. I just wasn’t sure if it had turned into something uglier still and the entire thing I’d missed, or it if was just what I said. Everything noted.

  59. Who’s putting a dick in who? I see Nolly has two of em, but Shasta and Gator Girl don’t. Was she suggesting Nolly be the one to fuck them? I wouldn’t mind seeing that but you are going to have to pull her out of Gator Girl’s mouth first.

  60. it better not be i want to see some f/m and f/f furry vore sex mama bliss looking good though please stay on track this time and averts to furrafinnity and eka’s

  61. I personally would love to see her get a really big round belly. And swallow more bbw’s be a sexy chubby kitty. I’ll buy her a pint if she does hehe

  62. What an adorable husky! While I love random fun penis, penis with story and character is much better, and more attractive, in my option. :3

    Who is this penis? Where did he/she/shi come from? What are this penis’s goals and intentions? :O These are all interesting questions!

  63. Does anyone else notice the first two prey are a guy with a vagina and a girl with dicks? How funny polar opposites are one after another. XD

  64. Did you know female sharks with dicks (claspers) actually exist? Scientists were able to isolate the gene that causes the male sharks to grow their dicks during development. They then experimented with this by suppressing the gene in the development of male sharks, and extending the exposure in female sharks during their development. Thus creating male sharks without dicks and female sharks that had dicks. It is kind of funny seeing the two polar opposites back to back, but at very least, it is something that exists.

  65. Here question love lay on sasha, how hell she get laid so much, and yet she never got knocked up once in slightest?

  66. Did somebody say something? I almost thought I heard that anon saying uncalled for stuff again. But that can’t be right.

  67. You know you are right. We are fans. That’s why we are here. We love Mama and her work. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be here. Which leads me to wonder. What are YOU doing here?

  68. I’m the real fan cause i like so many others was screwed over over a commission ect ect she’s like jessica elwood but without the apology strip show on tumblr and probably docent have the kickass body jessica has so go fuck yourselves stupid fans

  69. Too much raging from this anon. Possible to just get rid of him with a ban or something? The same rambling nonsense, week after week, is just getting old.

    Looking forward to the continuation of the comic.

  70. It might be a form of masochism that’s enjoyed o.o. I mean if that’s the case, no judgement or so. Just sayin.

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