Launch date set for January 12th 2015!

Shasta needs booze! yes she does. She will be appearing here live [in daily comic form] to answer questions from fans and show off her butt.

This will be a Patreon project so will be operating within their standards on adult content. ‘Yes’ to lots of furs squirming in tummies, yes to nudity and light teasing, no to hardcore sex and graphic bodily functions. That’s not to say Shasta wont continue to have bodily functions, just not on or linked off of this site.
If you think you might be on board with this feel free to leave a note below. Will need a minimum of 20 backers at 10 a month.. or 200 at 1 to make a go of it.

Update:I wont be making the patreon page ‘live’ till the 12th when i’m ready to start posting arts. will be purely a ‘support’ thing, not gonna mess with rewards or posting stuff anyplace else but this page.

Update:So what i’m going to be going for here is a ‘live performance’ audience participation thing. Shasta [and friends] will be doing a ‘show’ in front of the camera with awareness of the viewers, all that fun stuff with some overall story and narrative thrown in. I’m going to be keeping the art style on the loose and easy side so i can update daily, or semi-daily depending on the response. Am setting the minimum requirements on the super low side for this to prevent any ‘oh noes, not enough, plz support!’ sort of thing, nobody likes to see that.

11 thoughts on “Launch date set for January 12th 2015!

  1. [Cross post from

    I’ll pledge gap-fill. Which is to say if you are just a smidge* short of the goal when the actual patreon comes into existence I’ll fill that smidge. Basically as I am not really a fan of the type of antics that Shasta gets up to I am not enticed to strait pledge, but somewhere between me wanting to be helpful, liking the character (in spite of her certain associated fetishes), and enjoying the surrounding world and narrative she ends up in I’ll gladly gap-fill in support if necessary.

    *The exact value of a “smidge” can not be precisely quantified as it will vary significantly from day to day depending heavily on things like: free monies, amount of sunshine, general crankiness, etc…

  2. (crossposted by request)

    I’ll pledge, minimum twenty/month with possibly going up more. I want to hear more about the Shastaverse. I like worldbuilding with my smut 😛

    I do have some concerns, though. Are you sure you can do daily comics? If you are promising daily comics then I (and other backers) are going to be expecting daily comics.

  3. First, its my monies and I do what I want with them. Second, as I mentioned previously I often get a little something out of Shasta comics if only because I find the character herself and the world she is in interesting and occasionally amusing – so I would still be getting something out of this.

  4. Hey MamaB!

    I absolutely love Shasta! She’s so wicked, sexy and nasty! I know you are constrained to certain perimeters with this funding source- but I feel the majority of us (and I may be wrong here) think the nasty “bodily functions” is part of Shasta as much as vore is! I’m not expecting anything *just* explicitly bodily functions, but I’d like to see something in relation to her meals maybe on your personal site or something- I unno. That’s what’s really going to make me want to pledge for sure. I’m just looking to for clarity on that end.

  5. >>Sempai13
    Well you are pretty much completely wrong on the ‘majority’ but if mamabliss chooses to post additional stuff containing such elsewhere unlinked to this(as Patreon has rules against such content as previously mentioned) that’s perfectly alright.

    But when this launches people who are interested in such PLEASE don’t keep spamming mamabliss with comments about wanting more of such content posted to the unlinked site… as that’s just going to make Patreon axe the whole thing and confiscate all the money. I’m sure there will be comment section or something offsite dedicated to it.

  6. to say that certain bodily functions are ‘nasty’ is rather juvenile. Some are offensive though, to engage in or portray in public, which this site is to be considered, public. I can state though that as a fully conceptualized fictional organism Shasta will continue to have the same number and range of functions one would expect from a living creature, just not here.

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