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60 thoughts on “Shasta…

  1. hey so kaydiv asked about regular updates [but the message got in the spam folder somehow’].. if the site get’s support in the 1-400 range will probably switch to a ‘every other day’ mode. if it does better… more like daily. Am making sure the art style is something that can be handled without a lot of fuss.

    getting some viewer interaction going would be cool but isnt required, shasta will show her butt if people ask for it or not.

  2. Whoa, slow down, girl! This is 2015! We’re not barbarians anymore!

    Introduce yourself, talk about life, reveal your inner self over a couple of drinks, and establish your moral and ethical position against any real-world objectification of female sexuality. THEN show us your butt.

  3. Does this mean the other site ( and all of the different stories there will end in favour of this project?

    • no, everything else will continue. if this goes well will tend to replace an amount of commission work i’ve been doing.

  4. Hmm…Not exactly what I had in mind…

    Can the camera go in deeper? Maybe y’all can score with the world’s first low-budget esophagogastroduodenoscopy.

  5. Viewer interaction would be great! I want to ask some questions and hear more about the Shastaverse. (Or should I say Blissverse?)

    Like, how is Shasta’s regular job/studio doing?
    What’s the audition process like for non-bunny preythings?
    Is Tech Support Monkey dom or sub?

  6. Yes…yes we do, Shasta. 😛

    How long does an audition take? Is there a fee associated with the process? And what might be the benefits of passing an audition?

  7. Well, if we’re allowed to ask Shasta and her assisstant questions.

    How deep/far can you take that camera, orally? Will there be any endoscope use for deep internal footage in any of Shasta’s orifices?
    And how long do live prey survive in Shasta’s stomach before succumbing to digestion?

  8. I recall Shasta having some troubles with someone assuming she could unbirth them before but has Shasta been working on stretching her field of talent since then or is it still just oral vore for her? :3

  9. Is shasta doing the vore thing for the good money, or is she actually enjoying the process of turning a prey into a steaming turd? What is the most enjoyable thing when she is releasing the prey through her anus , when bones and stuff is tickling the pucker or the knowledge that an intelligent being is reduced to poo?

  10. Dayum Shasta, what happened to you girl?
    you were once so beautiful (and still are in some way) and energetic. And now you look kinda sad and worn out.
    What happened dear?

  11. It never occurred to me before that someone could be held hostage after being fully digested. Wonders never cease.

  12. I just curious how fast does take shasta burn through prey depending on the number or size, she seems have very quick metabolism it also seems, despite size she some how manages compact prey in her stomach how does that work?

  13. Lol shasta if she can compact 400 pounds of meat into that tiny belly she must have stomach strong as garbage compact. wonder how big belly be if she tried down something 800 pounds or close 1000 pounds.

  14. Do Shasta’s co stars know they are going to end up being eaten and digested by her? Are they usually just unaware of what Shasta is going to do to them?

  15. Shasta : what’s the worst thing you’ve done to your prey? Well, besides eating, digesting, and shitting them out your big ol’ ass…

  16. So what does the ‘production team’ have in mind for all those bunnies there? Just straight up belly fillin’ or might there be some sex, unbirthing or such before that? :3

  17. Does Shasta/the crew intend on bringing in non-prey guest stars? By which I mean, say, newbie preds, or ones without a major contract. Not necessarily established players on the scene, but fans or newbies wanting to try their hand at it, or simply eager for a chance to work with a predator they admired/wanting to learn from her/etc. Or even newer preds that are versed in forms of vore that Shasta may not use much or be a fan of, that sort of thing…

  18. Shasta: How did some of your previous works do those fantastic ‘inside shots’? Swallowed cameras? Micro cameramen giving their life for the art? Really, really good CGI?

  19. Who took that photo on your phone while you were riding the “Tall and Dark schlongsomes main attraction”?

  20. Like it’s the most natural thing in the world, huh…

    It’s kinda sweet how much you like playing with your food 😛

  21. hey shasta: since live wriggling meals seem to make you rather gassy, do you take the opportunity to mess with your non-ingested ‘co-stars’ on the lower rung of the foodchain by burping and/or farting on them?

  22. I’m starting to get the feeling that some people didn’t quite get what you had to spell out for them earlier…

  23. C-can we get back to the character development, please? I was kinda hopin’ for less fetish and more, y’know, satire…

  24. Incredible work so far! This is an unprecedented level of content and updates, and I’m really loving what’s being posted. Very much looking forward to seeing more!

  25. Sweet lil photo shoot with the mobile. Does this mean Shasta has ‘filmed’ a lot of scenes like this even though not having been all that active in the vore film industry for a while? Like an old habit from being in front of a camera? 😀

  26. Forget the releasing gas on another’s face, but does Shasta simply let loose with her belches/burps/farts after absolutely gorging herself with living meat.

  27. Shasta needs booze? More like Shasta needs to poo.

    Thank you, thank you; I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip.

  28. did people want to see ‘pictures’ ? i wasn’t sensing much support for the ‘shasta needs to poop’ scenario..

    • Deffo. I’m just not much of a bandwagon guy.

      I’m on board with every post so far – but it IS confusing how all the replies are jammed into one long thread.

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