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shasta_475x115_patreon the patreon page is live, time to see how much support there is for shasta showing off her butt [and other non-butt related things] I’ll keep a tally here in case anybody is interested, current support is 27 at 123 … still going! I’ll expect people to hop back on it if i get caught up, otherwise is fine.

DOWNLOAD: previous chapters are available here as a zip or here as a CBR .

UPDATE 6/06: Got a shasta pic from FrostByte that is suitably impressive, it should be looked at.

UPDATE 7/21: some new pages and time to do some math… i figure a tally of 26 pages to go of which a bunch will be a nast-tay gator-girl comic. stay tuned…

UPDATE 8/9: a couple more pages as otter makes a quick cameo… the pressure is buildng! 30 pages on the tally board to go.

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  1. i should point out these are pledges, no funds enchange hands till the end of the month and they can be un-pledged at any point before that.

  2. Somehow i could not select **** on the patreon page for payment, just creditcard. Any idea wehre to add the **** account?

  3. Furthering that. Faf actually just emails a download link to each new page of his comic so it’s not even being hosted there now. At the least you could do that set up without fear of ‘using their site to host porn’ directly. And the shastaneedsbooze site could still get the comics but at a slower rate than on patreon.

  4. that is a good question, would i get more money coming in if i reduced access? is complex, giving open access all in one place is optimal in terms of size of audience and good will towards the project and it’s creator. limiting makes it harder for people to know what you’re doing and creates an incentive for alternate methods of distribution [bootlegging]. I’ll have to see how this goes… keep an eye on the size of the audience vs support.

  5. Personally from what I’ve seen combating bootlegging/pirating is best done through convenience/quality over the free bootleg, with the cost factored in. A $1.50 or so a month would be small enough for people to say ‘why not?’ and just have instant updates sent to their email when a new comic panel comes out; vs. having to to a torrent site and search for the new images to eventually come up. DC’s online comics on their app use this approach too in a way; just a few dollars or a dollar a download with all the comics in one place: It becomes better than the pirating option for many. And Faf’s comic linked above is a good example of that practice working well in the fetish sector too.

    Personally I’d say to put a dollar or so a month as the minimum to view the comics as soon as they come out. But still release them on your personal site; just at a slower rate. Maybe a month lag.

  6. ok, so you have two things going on as an artist on the net.. [one] you want to maximise your possible audience and goodwill by making access as simple and straight forward as possible. [two] one wants to use that audience/goodwill as a source of support. It’s very easy for those two things to come into conflict… it doesn’t help that a lot of the elements involved are very subjective and difficult to measure. If i do the password thing the audience is fragmented, cutting down on the sense of ‘being there’ and ability to do something with the interactive element i’m going for, also the sense of goodwill created by ‘giving’ people stuff freely is subverted into a ‘i want this, how can i get this’ line of thought… are the vague possible positives outweigh the pragmatism of basic market mechanics, whaaaaat is one to do.

    luckily it is possible to measure and compare things. I can look at my daily readership, assume that is comparable in size to my basic audience and divide that by level of support. Right now that is about 0.20 …which isn’t bad, on the larger net that would be really good but on the other hand the possible audience is relatively small, a subset of the larger ‘furry’ world… now compare that to FAF who’s working on the other model, on patreon he has an audience of around 500 and getting around 4.00 apiece, impressive but what is the actual size of his possible fanbase, how many views would he be getting if he posted for free in one place. 1k? 2? 4? 12? lets say is 2.. that would make the rate 1.00… still much better but i just started this place up a few days ago which brings us to the ‘see how it goes’ part. If six months from now the shasta project is still at 119 that would be clear evidence the other way is better… if not, more numbers, so…. science.

  7. Whoops, didn’t notice the reply. Yeah I do see the dilemma. And further seeing that this comic is becoming more user driven, it does make the user split a little less appealing in this case. In any case, wait and see seems like a good option for now.

    As for Faf, he seems to be mostly marketing toward just the vore fanbase as well, (even though his comic has not yet shown any vore); that’s why I felt it was a good reference. There’s a fatfur/vore split focus in his work but I think on his patreon he had just posting on the vore site Eka’s with a 20 panelish lag and a link back to his patreon.

  8. I’ve got to say, the way these stories are progressing are a little all over the place. I mean, I’m not complaining in the least. It’s keeping me interested to see what random thing comes next. But it’s AMAZING to finally see a Shasta origin story. I did a sketch of Shasta not to far back. Nothing special, just a pin up, but I wanted to pay homage to her in some way since I love the character so much. She and GG. They are some of my favorites. <— The sketch I drew. I think I may end up lining and coloring it tonight. We'll see.

  9. Figured I’d surprise you. I inked and colored it tonight, since I have spare time between commission. ^^ <— Here it is all finished. A beautiful and amazing cheetah chick in all her glory! I love you, Shasta, and I hope you never stop what you do!

    Hope you like the picture, Mamabliss! I am very happy with how it turned out.

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