shark girls and minks!


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210 thoughts on “shark girls and minks!

  1. UPDATE 10/31: yes, Nolly should have been consumed allready, someone is causing trouble!

    I’m not complaining. I just hope when it does happen it’s not off camera.

  2. Dis is gunna be good~ Looking forward to seeing someone erotically and conflictedly packed away in that big beautiful woman.

  3. Oh my~ Two more cuties nestled away to melt away. Seems Jesse’s starting to enjoy his descent with the cute sharkie. <3

  4. phalange the hyena/fox?wolf? hybrid next with some zebra/gazelle girls and guys please bring her back mama bliss and the rabbit triplets she was last with she docent have to be like shastah she could be nice and coughed them up afterwords also pleas include my lion char Idea theo the friendly lion predator only eats willing prey species girls hetrosexual 100%

  5. hmm.. might do something with her… had a brief but intense appearance ages and ages ago, am amazed she still exists in people memory…

  6. That was awesome! Can’t wait to see what’s next. Oh and Mama, now that it looks like my character’s segment is pretty much done, I just want to thank you so very much for including her in this wonderful comic. You are the best. I’ll be watching for the rest of this just as eagerly as I was while Nolly was involved.

  7. Very awesome set ^_^ Thanks for picking my Husky boy for it! As far as saying hello to the acids…. doesn’t look like we got much of a chance to XD

  8. The fact that my comments keep showing up even after I’ve been eaten is really making me laugh. Awesome touch. It’s like, I may be in her belly but I’ve still got time to post a message from my phone damnit!

  9. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time working with these Preds that our cute monkey girl here will start joining in on the “fun” hmmm… I’m excited to find out ;p
    Hell, I even suggested my dear pal Howel for such an occasion! Hehe

    (although, still any afore mentioned work too ^^)

  10. Are you planning on showing the progress of our little couple as they become part of Gator Girl in graphic detail?

    • Would assume you’d be out cold by then – and it’s all your body’s natural reaction to the external stimuli!

      … Then again, I’m not a scientist. I’m just a Sergal. The glasses fool most people. o.o

  11. It might be hard to find, but perhaps someone with intense masochism, or even someone who can’t feel pain? Admittedly a blooper reel of people trying and failing to have internal belly sex would be funny. x3

  12. I guess this begs the question… how in control is Miss Nolly? If she could keep her cool…. then I’d probably be getting grinded into the stomach wall pretty roughly. If not, then we might both be wriggling in pain and such! Either way, an interesting though!

  13. GatorGirl has some good taste in pups!

    Perhaps there should be a bellyromping contest to see how far contestants could get? People can do incredible things when they’re determined.

  14. I love the internal shot, awesome stuff :3
    Wonder if Gator Gal gonna rock out with her pot belly out, or take a page from shasta’s book and somehow findangle her stomach to “squeeze” that stomach flat 😮 (can’t imagine that technique will last too long ;p)

  15. So, uh. It basically makes the whole body act like one big erogenous zone? That’s… well, there are certainly worse ways to go out!
    And I do love the internal view.

  16. Happy New Year’s, Shasta. I’d say don’t drink too much, but I don’t think that’ll stop you. Just remember you’ve got to be back to work voring soon – got to get that new year off to a good start.

  17. Actually Melissa, I think Nolly was a shemale or herm ^^: Also there’s my exit! At least I’m not being a pain in the butt!

  18. seriously please hurry up with updates and maybe bring back phalange the hyena/fox girl maybe noming some zebra and gazelle girls and guys

  19. Damn. I was hoping for something a bit more special from page 100. Still, nice to see we’re moving again, at least. Happy 100th Shasta.

    *passes her a mickey of rye*

  20. Shasta shouldn’t be too disgusted considering she actually ripped one in Anne’s face earlier! Nice one Anne, let ’em rip! I know I wouldn’t mind~

    • And by “Anne” I meant “GatorGirl” sorry for the confusion… <_<; (forgot I can't edit or delete my comment)

  21. 5-7 weeks no updates f-u mama bliss liar why do you idiots support her she’s worse than that bitch jessica elwood

  22. Oh my god I’m laughing now. Dude, the updates are dated right there for everyone to see. Look up at the top.

    Latest update! …SHASTA!
    January 31, 2016 by mamabliss

    Do you see that? January 31. And on February 10th you say it’s been at least 2 weeks maybe more? Oh boy… Look there are 7 days in a week. Two weeks would be 14 days. From January 31 to February 10, is 10 days. Or in other words, 1 week and 3 days. Not “2 weeks maybe more”. If you are going to insist on yelling at Mama every single time she doesn’t update quick enough for your personal convenience you could at least learn how many days are in a week so you aren’t wrongfully accusing her. It also helps to prevent you from looking like an idiot.

    • First, you were proven wrong. Second, patience is a virtue. You’re literally complaining about something you get for free, so either leave Mama alone or go find another artist to pester.

  23. first your a dumb fanboy second fuck off third mama bliss is a bitch for falling behind she does this all the time wake up stop funding her and go to hell

  24. Well the awkward thing is that he/she is now technically correct as it has now been more than two weeks. That said this doesn’t make him/her any less of a rude and obnoxious child of course…

  25. As an aside, MamaB has actually been fairly consistent (at least by her general standards of output) with Shasta so I find it somewhat odd to single her updates here out. If anything this shows a marked improvement.

    Of course this is now Anons cue to spew a bunch of hilarious, impotent vitriol.


  26. As it’s been noted too, she still does commission work, and has another website, and her main site. While it was slow here, she posted a whole comic she had to make, and then just recently she updated on her new giantess site. Just silly to imagine that only one comic can become her main focus when art is what she does.

  27. That Anonymous guy (the same one because his misspellings never change) has a really unhealthy relationship with Sasha and zebras. He can’t go a month without mentioning them. And that’s been going on for *years*.

  28. who the fuck are you and all I’m not this anon i am a person who isn’t a dumb ass pattern supporter so fuck you

  29. If nothing else the broken record schtick is vaguely amusing I suppose. It’s like watching a fly continuously smash its head against a window to get out – mildly irritating and totally fruitless, but at least on some level faintly humorous.

  30. You should all be bitching at people like Arokha on Eka’s portal. Whenever that person makes a commission it happens in a week. Other people’s money is just not worth much when Mamabliss cannot get a quick dime. She has no issues screwing over people who have paid her for the money she wants -now- I think is the issue. It would not be such an issue if she had a reason for it but she just constantly makes promises she knows she cannot keep and continues to do so because of retards who want to jerk off to her specific art style.

  31. Also: That pudge is *very* adorable.

    Mamabliss, as a side note/question: I’ve since had an updated ref done since I’ve, well, used the signup page some time ago. (It’s nothing major, just-I have a ref that now shows the character from a few angles). Should I re-sign up, or just not worry about it, or something else?

  32. I can’t imagine that “method” she’s doing can be good for her colon ;p

    Looking forward to see what else is in store!

  33. I wonder if Gator Girl can keep her hands off long enough for Shasta to catch up? So far she’s only eaten one actual fan. She going to let Gator Girl out do her?

  34. So will Shasta be forcing the two of them down while they fuck each other or will they go down separate throats? Personally I’d rather see Shasta with a really big Mink filled belly.

  35. Okay so I’ve put down another 50 on patreon for this month…

    … whether I’ll keep that up for next month depends on if you can stick with a regular update schedule for this.

  36. Well that’s one lovely lady properly pumped up with mink spunk. Just Gina, Shasta, gator gal’s snack, Anne, and monkey gal to go! Then we’ll start on the mouths and then the butts. So much work for minkie to do…

  37. Haha, I think Monkey Girl should lighten up a bit. Wonder if she’ll snap or something.. She is quite an intriguing mystery to me

  38. I hope Shasta has a better tactic in this to eat the mass fandom. As in the charity event piece, I remember she could hardly handle all the bunnies.

  39. Since on subject of a challenge, i just curious what biggest prey shasta has put down in her belly yet?

  40. Oh i’ve seen shasta put away some meaty meals before, not all into her belly either X3 speaking of.. rather curious if we might see some alt vore sometime >w>

  41. Please tell me there’s like one panel left to go <3 I wanna see Shasta eat that “pregnant” mink.

  42. I would like to see Shasta’s pussy getting stuffed but in the end am fine with whatever gives her a huge belly. :3

  43. Hmmm tough call. Anal could be fun, especially if there to be a lot of teasing of what mink will become or depending on how gassy might be, hehe. I dunno maybe she needs to fill up more before that happens 😉

  44. Heheheh go for a challenge and take that ‘really really really loving’ mink up your pooper. Eat a girls ass nay, it ass eats a girl

  45. Stick with the classics; gobble her all up, give her a good churn, and then out the butt! <3

  46. hmm oral sounds good, but I’d rather see that kitty pucker getting stretched over the minks tubby body

  47. Ooh my, with the belly she has Shasta’s gonna be stretched a fair deal. Might leave her pussy fairly puffed up. 😀

  48. aww but the fans all want you to be a proffessional and take her up that cute little tailhole, your pussy would be nice butt the butt needs to eat more than just cocks. Treat it to a mink with a big belly

  49. Well if I had any say in the matter, I’d have Shasta stuff Gina up her cunt so I could fuck ’em both at the same time.

    And yeah I’ve had trouble with Gina! Look at her tits and ass! I mean… I can fit a lot, even skinny little pretty boys and girls, but Gina’s a lot of mink.

  50. Though if I REALLY had my way, after fucking Shasta and Gina, I’d make out with Gina through Shasta’s belly while she got melted down. Then someone would get shoved down my dick so I could have nice, full balls for fucking Shasta’s manager and that cute monkey gal running IT and gator gal. And Shasta again. And everyone would end up knocked up, especially Shasta and the IT gal. Everyone with a belly fulla little minks!

    And then I’d get to hang around banging everyone while random guests get shoved down my dick until everyone was all fucked out. Then I’d just snuggle myself on down Shasta’s gullet while she slept and the cameras ran.

  51. And the comments section EXPLODES with all kinds of joy at hearing we finally get to see Shasta nom with her butt!!! I guess all she needed was a good stretching to be convinced it was a good idea.

  52. I agree anon for prey, what a jerk….. anonymous do you help support her??? If not don’t complain you can’t get something for free…..

  53. LOL Shasta’s face in that last panel is great~ Also glad to see Mama is updating again. I was getting worried something had happened to her.

  54. poor mink, she’s not up shasta pooper yet. Good thing the gator is ready to help solve her desperate problem and be a good sluty butt food

  55. shasta is a cheetah, originally created as a commision for frostbyte back when he was running…

  56. Hope everything is going okay, Mamabliss. You’ve been off and on lately with the updates, so just hoping you’re not ill or going through a rough time.

  57. Oh my goodness what a tease page :O~
    Literally salivating from this one- the description and view makes me want to dive right in…

    • Think my favorite thing is Shasta’s butt is being described almost as a being itself with it’s own tendencies for wanting- something I can get behind (literally, ha!) especially if said butt needed to let our a “burp” or two from a hearty meal 😛

  58. Impressive work Gator girl. x3

    I remember Shasta once claiming to have shoved a hippo up her butt.
    I shall have to go research! :O

  59. to quote mr horse from ren and stimpy no sir i don’t like it i want to see gator girl eat the other mink regular soft vore please no more of the stupid stuff please

  60. ..ok lemmee explain, shasta has to do both the minks in the same orifice so they can continue engage in incestious sexual intercourse while they’re being digested… there are rules to this sort of thing…

  61. Since on subject what shasta can handle, i curious what’s biggest prey she every tried squeeze into that belly of her’s yet?

  62. I dunno…. Shasta I love the art so far do NOT get me wrong. It is just…. well…. id love to watch you prepare someone in the future…. like as a sandwich or something….


  63. Extra muscle, means extra fat pussy snack. though I hope you take a few buns up your bum…..might just have to send a feeder girl your way to help you train that sexy butthole up some more

  64. [admin edit] so yeh, i deleted the more abusive comments off here and the ‘those comments arent nice’ and my ‘i’m gonna be ok with them’ and nollys very nice comments on the comments on the comments because really is getting to be to much of a THING… time to move on.

  65. I love every bit of it! I’ve been following all your series’ for awhile and I love everything you make! Keep up the amazing work. I love your imagination!

  66. Mamabliss you are amazing. u////u You are easily ranked very highly among the hundreds (probably over a thousand by now) artists whose work I love to follow.

    I’ve never seen or heard of anyone else producing so many high quality fun and kinky comics—let alone making so many available for free.

    Comics are a pretty demanding medium, and they seem to pretty much be your specialty. And I MUST applaud all the amazing works you’ve created. (This one, of course, is very much included in that number~)

  67. Hopefully she can contain everything while she continues to stuff and get bigger, maybe no release til shes reached her limits

  68. No release until she reaches her limits? How about no release until she reaches her quota? Would love to see if she can push herself past her limits.

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